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It just gets frustrating playing the girlfriend, It's just this awful feeling, sitting in your house, waiting for a script to come. I like to be more proactive.

Joey Lauren Adams

#come #feeling #frustrating #gets #girlfriend

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On November 24 2009 Interscope Records released Adams' directorial debut for a music video entitled "Belle of the Boulevard" by Dashboard Confessional. It doesn't fit into people's preconceptions about what a woman's voice should sound like. Filmography
As actress except as noted:
Coneheads (1993)
Dazed and Confused (1993)
The Program (1993)
The Pros & Cons of Breathing (1994)
Sleep with Me (1994)

She is known for her distinctive raspy voice and for her roles in View Askewniverse films particularly Mallrats and Chasing Amy with the latter giving her a Golden Globe for Best Actress nomination.

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