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I'm a little top heavy, so I have to pay attention to that area. I think it was from my years of swimming in school when I was a kid and it just overdeveloped my upper body. In fact, when I started modeling, my back was so developed, I could not fit into any dresses.

Rebecca Romijn

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In these movies her costume consisted of blue makeup and some strategically placed prosthetics on her otherwise nude body. Early life
Romijn was born in Berkeley California United States. Romijn was asked by Elle magazine in April 2002 whether making Femme Fatale had given her any new ideas about her sexuality.

Rebecca Alie Romijn (pron. : /roʊˈmeɪn/ roh-MAYN; Dutch: [roːˈmɛin]; born November 6 1972) is an American actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her role as Mystique in the X-Men films and for her recurring role as Alexis Meade on the television series Ugly Betty.

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