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Acting is such a personal thing, which is weird because at the same time it's not. It's for the consumption of other people. But in terms of creative outlets and expressing yourself, it's just the most extreme version of that that I've ever found. It's like running, it's exertion.

Kristen Stewart

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She received praise for her performance as the Metro Times wrote "It turns out that Stewart is actually really good at capturing Jett's icy tough-but-cool girl swagger adding the needed touches of vulnerability that transform it into a pretty terrific performance. In 2010 Stewart portrayed rock star Joan Jett in The Runaways a biographical film of the titular band of the same name from writer-director Floria Sigismondi. Gabriel Chong called Stewart's performance "mesmerising" and said that Kristen Stewart "makes [Bella's] every emotion keenly felt that runs the gamut from joy trepidation anxiety distress and above all quiet and resolute determination" and the Village Voice's Dan Konis saying Stewart "beautifully underplays" the role.

She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002) Speak (2004) Zathura (2005) The Messengers (2007) Adventureland (2009) The Runaways (2010) Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and On the Road (2012). Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9 1990) is an American actress who is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga.

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