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He never admitted anything, even on his deathbed. He was a deluded liar. If it weren't for my father, I don't think I would be so open. So that's a huge blessing.

Anne Heche

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" Bemused at first Campiz grew uneasy when Heche showed no sign of leaving—calling neither friends nor a garage—after half an hour had passed. In a series of interviews given in 2001 Heche stated that Anne Heche created a fantasy world called the "Fourth Dimension" to make herself feel safe and had an alter ego named "Celestia" an alien from another planet who could speak to God and was the half-sister of Jesus Christ. The more he couldn't be who he was the more that came out of him in ways that it did.

: /ˈheɪʃ/ HAYSH; born May 25 1969) is an American actress director and screenwriter. Following a supporting role in John Q. Since their separation in 2007 (they divorced in 2009) Anne Heche has lived with actor James Tupper with whom Anne Heche also has a son.

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