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Erect Confessions

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When I lived in my old flat I used to put the front door on the latch so a big gust of wind would be just enough to blow the door open.

I'd strip off naked and put on my girlfriend thong and swing on the chin up bar next to the door.

It was like Russian roulette if the door my open at any time with me swing in just panties.

As I'd get more aroused waiting for the door to open I'd sometimes get risky and open the door wide myself and stand erect so if my neighbour looked out their spy hole I'd be caught naked and erect.

Once I was so turned on I walked right out into the brightly lit shared hallway rubbing myself for all to see forgetting that the outside could see in so easily.

I don't know if anyone ever saw?

#naked   #erect   #public   #caught  

I spent over an hour masturbating before I realized a roommate was watching me. She was peaking into my room. I was so close to finishing I just let her watch the finale. My thing is fat; and over 11 inches, so I guess it’s a big show.
She asked me why my pink head is so big one day. Women always like looking at it for some reason. I guess they just don’t see ones that big very often.
She says her boyfriends is only 5 inches. Is that possible? Mines that big soft.

#big   #erection   #masturbation  

I'm 19 and for the last two months have been confined to a hospital bed because of an accident on my motorcycle. My right leg has 3 rods in it plus aside from a concussion I also broke my right arm in thre places but also fractured my lef elbow. Cuts and abrasions are all over me and my right collar bone is also broken so I'm a total mess. It is very difficult for me to move around and because I'm confined to the bed its been the most humiliating time of my life. Aside from toilet needs I am bathed and undressed everyday. The first few weeks I had a nurse come daily but for the last 7 weeks my mom got "aunt" Jean to take care of me each day. She isn't really my aunt but my mothers friend for many years and she isn't a nurse although she did work at a nursing home years ago. She undresses me and I am so embarrassed being naked in front of her I want to scream. It didn't happen at first but for about 3 weeks now every time she washes me and touches my genitals I have been getting erections which makes things even more humiliating. Its bad enough when I have to pee or have a bowel movement but haveing her see me getting hard is mortifying. When this happens she just shakes her head and smiles at me and so far I don't think she has told my mom about it and hope she never does.

#humiliating   #erections   #bathed  

I have to say that I have been a long time cross dresser since age ten or so. My wife of ten years does not know. I also enjoy looking at sissies with erections. I become very aroused with both of these obsessions I have.

#obsessions   #sissies   #erections   #kink  

I used to let women see me nude. Most women like how I look. They will smile or look lustful. Only the most attractive usually have to confidence to hit on me. So I used to let them see me nude if they wanted. They were very happy to see my massive muscular body and giant election with long term elections matched my movie star type face that still hasn’t wrinkled. They’d even pay to see me nude.
But there was a price to pay. A childhood of forced nudity; being molested, and rape.
I tried to shame women sneaking peaks at me (violating my privacy); whether it was my older sisters friends or whomever, but that didn’t work. In society people don’t seem to think men should be modest.
I’m all messed up. I’m too old to get over it.
At least I never treated others the way I was treated. In life we choose. I chose to be kind to others even though kindness was not shown to me growing up.

#nude   #penis   #erection   #beauty   #beautiful  

I was pretty drunk whilst out celebrating my premotion at work (I'm a prison officer) with my gf and as we called a taxi to go home, a guy approached us and asked if we minded him sharing the taxi if he paid half the fare ?
Why not, I replied, so Jenni jumped in the front passenger seat & myself and this strange guy hopped in the rear swats.
Anyway, about 5 mins into our journey home, I was half conscious when I dealt a gentle hand, rub accross my jeans, touching underneath on my allready semi erect cock, so just quickly opened my eyes, glanced to see who it was, and unfortunately, it wasn't Jenni as she too was asleep in the front.
So I glanced over to our passenger and he had a glazed look in his eyes & a v. confident smile on his face as he gently rubbed the tip of my by now, fully erect dick & he didn't waste time in leaning closer as he whispered " undo ur fly n let me touch u Karlos plz "?
Fuck it, I thought, why not. So I undid four buttons & pulled my meat rod out for his discretion ?
Well, to cut a long story short, I cum as I bit my lip to avoid the dreaded " I'm cumming screach" and my juices shot accross his hand and arm 2 which he licked n swallowed.
I never got his name, contact number or half the taxi fare. But who won un the end (as long as Jenni never finds out ?)

#gay   #wank   #touch   #erect   #cum  

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