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Fag Confessions

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In my early youth I played around with the older boy next door. He was the top and I was the bottom. I really enjoyed being the bottom, penetration was always something I wanted to do, but I also enjoyed giving oral sex and showing him that I wanted to please him. We got caught by my older brother, he had just returned from overseas. He broke it up, but never stopped calling me queer, sissy, fairy, faggot, etc.

I spent my life doing the right thing, building a business, and keeping a wife and having a family. From time to time, I would run into to someone that I found out was gay and if he was a top I pursued the relationship and spent some time with him, always the bottom and pleasing him made me feel good.

My wife decided on her own to get divorced once our children were grown and she lives in North Carolina. I moved to Southern California after selling my business and settled down in the San Diego area. I met a man here, a big man, macho man, who prefers a sissy boy sucking his cock and spreading his cheeks for him. I also do the laundry and the cooking and cleaning. I love taking care of the house, shopping for groceries, decorating and wearing panties for him. I have my money but I let him take care of me, spend, spend, spend on me. I can be the wife I have always wanted to be. I can be that sissy, faggot, queer, fairy my brother called me.

#queer   #faggot   #fairy  

I am a stupid faggot. I want to be exposed to everyone that knows me. I want them all to know what a cocksucking faggot that I am. I will do as I'm told and take anyone's cock in my holes even if they are friends or family I don't care. I just need to be used.

#faggot   #exposed   #cocksucker  

I am a sissy male and enjoy it immensely. I dream of finding a tall dark and handsome Man and he loves me for the sissy I am. He asks me to marry him and I say YES. I am his wife and lay curled up next to my Man every night playing with his Big Man Cock.. I m his wife and take care of him doing what I wife needs to do for her man. He treats me like the sissy cock slut I am and keeps me dressed like a whore. This is the life I want to live.

Sissy Boy C.

#whore   #slut   #sissy   #gay   #cocksucker   #faggot   #marriage  

I'm a 50 year old divorced crossdresser almost my whole life. I love being feminine and am rather pretty. I love being a black c*** slut and have been since I was a teenager. My wife divorced me when she caught me in bed with two black men while dressed in her wedding gown and having sex. It's Sunday afternoon and 11 black men had sex with me this weekend and I love it the sex, shame and humiliation makes me the slut I am.

#crossdresser   #slut   #faggot  

I'm married and bi. My wife has no idea. Yesterday I met with a married couple and had a terrific threesome. It was hubby's first time getting oral from a guy and his first time giving oral. He came in my mouth while I was fucking his wife. I kissed her and shared the cum.

Earlier this week I posted an online ad offering to give blow jobs. I got a response from a black man with a very hard, very big cock. I immediately went to his house and blew him.

Today I was in the same area. I emailed my new black master and asked if I can come service him. He permitted me to do so. I went over and started sucking. This time (at my request) he was harsher and pushed my head down to get his cock to pop open the back of my throat. I did my best not to gag. It is an awesome cock that I'll want again and again.

Also at my request, he started calling me "faggot" and his bitch. I was happily surprised when he made me bend over so he could fuck me. (So glad I thought to bring a condom and lube.) My God that cock is big! It hurt, but it hurt so so good! I'm getting addicted to big black cock - I just want it again and again!

After he fucked me for a while, he pulled out and ordered me to suck him. "Suck my cock, faggot" said over and over really turns me on. Finally he shot his load down my throat. Mmmmm. The only down side to deep throat is that you don't get to taste the cum as well.

I want to be a faggot for BBC.

#bbc   #threesome   #married   #black   #faggot  

I’m tired of hiding that I’m gay. I’m a homosexual and I’d like to admit it finally.

#gay   #fag   #closet  

Ive done cocaine, I smoke weed and I'm addicted to tobacco. This is to take away the ongoing pain, I don't know what's wrong with me but I just have this pain and it won't stop. I even hear voices sometimes.

#weed   #smoking   #fags   #cocaine   #depression   #anxiety  

My name is Shamus.
And I confess that I love big cock. I love to suck them. I love to get fucked by them and I love to swallow the big thick loads that come out of them!

#sex   #gay   #faggot   #cocksucker  

Its been a year since my wife told me that she was no longer interested in sex. I was furious when she told me as we’d had an active sex life until that point. There was even a five year period where we had an open relationship and she took full advantage of that.

I pleasured myself to porn for the next six months. One day I came across a bisexual MMF video and became mesmerized that a guy would willingly have gay sex while the wife joined in. Over the next few months I slowly switched out ver to gay porn, particularly where where big studs fucking and humiliating twinks. So I started shaving my body and wearing women’s panties.

A few weeks later, I visited a sex store and a nice 20-something young lady approached and asked if I needed any help. At first I said “just. browsing.” But just as she started to talk away I said “wait…I really need some help. I proceeded to tell her that o was a married “straight” guy for 20 years, but I want to become a bi/gay botttom. I walked out with a anal plug training kit, lots of lube and a smaller dildo to practice cocksucking. Six weeks later I was ready for a larger dildo and moved up to 8 inches and recently 12 and thicker. I can ride these for hours.

But I am finding the next step difficult. How and where does a married guy find a safe and willing gay top…particularly one that has never taken a real cock? Not looking for a relationship…I just want to be a cumsumpster and get pounded and leave.

#gay   #faggot   #cocksucker   #cumdumpster   #bottom  

I sucked my barbers dick like a faggot, im married.

#faggot   #gay   #married   #dick  

I have cross dressed since the age of ten. I still do in privet, now days. I have always wished I had transitioned to female when I got out of high school or by the age of thirty. Then find a hansom Man with a large Cock to marry me for life. I would be his wife and service his every need. CK

#crossdresser   #sissy   #faggot   #cocsucker   #marrage  

I've posted here in the past. Love women but other than analingus and sucking their toes it's platonic only. My tiny penis is good for urinating and 2 finger masturbation. Not penetration. I'm fortunate that I can ejaculate with no erection. My real weakness is servicing cocks to a swallowed completion. Prefer straight dominants, fat pigs, or manipulative young males who see my closet status as a vulnerability. So yes, I'm a closet faggot. I do have a fascination about being out to curious women. Knowing a few have my closet door key and I can't retrieve it. My name, state, and compromising photos. Intoxicating and scary. 63 as of this posting. But still very mobile and still very queer. Wish I could out myself to a select few. Risky but a need.

#florida   #fort   #walton   #beach   #closet   #queer   #sub   #beta   #faggot   #tinypenis   #key   #exposed  

I live in Fort Walton Beach. I have a tiny penis. I am a sub beta, closet queer.

#faggot   #closet   #small   #penis  

i am a closeted faggot and i love looking like a female, with lingerie, skirt, jewelery, makeup, high heels shoes and wig.and i love fat over 50s men to fuck me and take pictures, telling me they will show to my family.

#closeted   #faggot   #sissy  

I'm a faggot cock sucker. I love being on my knees to men. I especially love visiting glory holes. My best visit was sucking 8 guys and have 2 cumming on my face. I walked home with their cum on my face. I know that sounds like I was down on myself but to me, that was like showing off that two guys trusted me with their cum on me.

#fag   #gay   #cock  

I have a tiny little penis that won’t get hard.

#fag   #little   #pathetic  

I am obsessed with female clothing. Yes, I am a closet cross dresser. My girlfriend knows nothing about my cross dressing. We had an argument so I left and went into the city which is fours away. Taking one of my slutty cross dressing outfits with me. I had a room and decided to finally go out in public like the sissy slut I have always wanted to be. I went to a bar and was hit on right away. I hooked up with the guy and ended up back at his place. When he took his close off he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I felt a strong sensation to suck it. He walked over to me and stood with his big cock inches from my face. I picked the semi erect mammoth and with out hesitation started sucking on it as if my life depended upon it.

When he had me straddle his cock so he could take my virginity. He also stroked my little sissy cock at the same time as I humped his cock. When he climaxed so did I in the most mind shattering orgasm I ever have had. I spent the night with him and found it hard to leave the next day. I want to be with him more than my girlfriend so I broke up with her. Looking forward to visiting my new lover and his wonderful cock.

#sissy   #slut   #faggot  

I'm literally addicting to having sex with men. Im 21 years old now. I post ads on Craigslist and meet men on gay dating apps and generally meet between 5-10 men a week to have sex with. I have a thing for older men. Since i was 15 Ive probably been with over 100 guys and somehow after all of those men I am STD and HIV free... I have some crazy stories and have had some crazy wild sex. On some days i meet up with up to 3 men and I literally wake up and crave cock, its like my drug. A lot of the gay older men in my area know me and sometimes we all get together and I have 4-7 guys have sex with me at a time. And im completely straight acting so know one would ever know I liked men...

#gay   #slut   #homo   #fag   #addicted   #cock   #dick   #anal   #sex   #men  

I am a 21 year old, straight male. I'm in a loving relationship with my girlfriend. But lately I've been having strong urges for gay oral. I've been watching gay porn and swallowing my cum to simulate sucking a cock. Tonight, I downloaded a gay sex app, and meetup with an older gentlemen. He picked me up near my house, and we drove to a quiet Forest near my house. We went down into an open area, my heart racing and my cock throbbing. We made out, rubbing each other. I needed his cock. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock like a little slut. Shoving his cock down my throat; i slowly teased my tongue down to his balls. He got me up and started to suck me off, i almost came in seconds, so i got back down on my knees to suck him off more before I came. Rubbing my cock, I shoved his hard dick down my throat, choking and coughing. Finally he busted a thick load down my throat, as I caressed and kissed his cock. Then he went down on me. It was the best head I've ever gotten. I busted in his mouth as he played with my load before spitting it back on my cock and jerking me off for every last drop of cum. My knees were shaking and i could barely stand. We made out some more, the taste of cum in our mouths. And then he got back in his car, drove off and left me begging for more cock as i made my way back home, feeling like a gay slut, cum on my lips....

#gay   #blowjob   #fag   #cock  

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