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Ashley Judd

Read through the most famous quotes from Ashley Judd

I think it's easy for me to connect to some people, and I don't know if that's the same thing as falling in love whereas before, I might have said it was.

— Ashley Judd

#connect #easy #falling #falling in love #i

A lot of people over the years have been doing yoga and I think even more these days are expressing an interest in it. So there are a lot of manifestations of spirituality here in town.

— Ashley Judd

#days #doing #even #expressing #here

And of course there's so much music in and around our family. I had a piano during Christmas because it's obviously useful through the season. There are so many people, songwriters, who are around.

— Ashley Judd

#because #christmas #course #during #family

Both my husband and I give a lot of ourselves in what we do because that is our public lives; but in my private life, I have an intrinsic right to be left alone.

— Ashley Judd

#because #both #give #husband #i

Everything I've done has been personally fun, important, and meaningful to me.

— Ashley Judd

#done #everything #fun #i #important

I can't think of anything I want and need that I don't already have but at the same time, I'm not sated.

— Ashley Judd

#anything #i #need #same #sated

I did a lot of hiking and I loved it.

— Ashley Judd

#hiking #i #lot #loved

I get lonely when I'm a Playstation widow.

— Ashley Judd

#i #lonely #playstation #widow

I have a lot of variety within me, and the dream role, I think, is actually a compilation of parts that express different aspects of my persona and personal interests.

— Ashley Judd

#aspects #compilation #different #different aspects #dream

I think that being perceptive and having interests is nothing but an asset.

— Ashley Judd

#being #having #i #i think #interests

About Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd Quotes

Did you know about Ashley Judd?

Judd was honored November 10 2009 as the recipient of the fourth annual USA Today Hollywood Hero awarded for her work with PSI. In 2010 Ashley Judd received a Mid-Career master's degree in public administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government a one-year degree rather than the two year MPA. By the end of the 1990s Judd had managed to achieve significant fame and success as a leading actress after leading roles in several thrillers that performed well at the box office including Kiss the Girls in 1997 and 1999's Double Jeopardy.

She also starred as Rebecca Winstone in the television series Missing in 2012. Judd has played lead roles in films including Ruby in Paradise (1993) Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996) Kiss the Girls (1997) Double Jeopardy (1999) Where the Heart Is (2000) High Crimes (2002) and Dolphin Tale (2011).

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