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Barbara Taylor Bradford

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It's all right, darling. I'll finish the financial report on my own. I can think clearly before sex and stay awake afterwards. That's one of the nice things about being a woman.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Priceless things matter not for their value, but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Sleeping with a man half your age can be exhausting, but if it's too much for him you can always find a younger man.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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He's half my ex-husband's age, but twice as energetic when we have sex. And twice as grateful afterwards.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth I, and this intriguing biography gives a wonderful picture of the era.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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I work eight hours a day, but I'm not writing all that time. I'm thinking, editing, looking something up. Thinking is what I do a lot of.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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When you are a strong woman, you will attract trouble. When a man feels threatened, there is always trouble.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

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About Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Recurring Plotlines and Common Themes
Some of Bradford's novels follow a common pattern. After a few months as a typist Barbara Taylor Bradford was moved to the news room where Barbara Taylor Bradford became a junior reporter. A Woman Of Substance has been followed by 27 others – all best-sellers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Her 27th Letter From A Stranger was released in the UK in September 2011 and in North America in April 2012. It ranks as one of the top-ten bestselling novels of all-time.

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