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David Cone

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A major league pitching coach is a really difficult job. It takes a big commitment in terms of time, travel and workload.

— David Cone

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Clemens and Maddux have defined our era, I believe. And Randy Johnson is right behind them and still going.

— David Cone

#believe #defined #era #going #i

Clemens, Seaver, Gibson, Maddux - I just don't see myself in that category. I'm flattered that maybe it's debatable at this point.

— David Cone

#debatable #flattered #gibson #i #just

I can't remember a major league game where I could make eye contact with my dad. I kept wondering if he was going to yell at me for hanging a pitch or something.

— David Cone

#could #dad #eye #eye contact #game

I guess it kind of stemmed from my father. He was a union guy working for the meat plant down in Kansas City. He was a union guy, and I guess it was just in my blood.

— David Cone

#city #down #father #guess #guy

I have far too many skeletons in my closet to think about any sort of serious mention of public office.

— David Cone

#any #closet #far #i #many

I like to think of the world's greatest athlete coming up to bat against me - Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, I don't care who it is - and I'm looking at him thinking, you have no chance.

— David Cone

#athlete #bat #care #chance #coming

I love being out there on the mound with the ball in my hand. I can control the game. I'm out there. No clock - nothing happens until I throw that thing. Nothing happens. I love that feeling.

— David Cone

#being #clock #control #feeling #game

I love to pitch so much.

— David Cone

#i love #love #much #pitch

I think the changeup has become more popular recently by pitchers like Pedro Martinez and the success he had with it.

— David Cone

#had #i #i think #like #martinez

About David Cone

David Cone Quotes

Did you know about David Cone?

71 ERA and 68 strikeouts in 21 appearances (13 starts) his first season in New York. After a long feud with owner George Steinbrenner Berra agreed to return to the stadium that day and caught the ceremonial first pitch from fellow perfect game pitcher Don Larsen. In 2001 Cone pitched for the rival Boston Red Sox performing with mixed but mostly positive results including a 9-7 win-loss record and a 4.

He was a member of five World Series championships (1992 with the Toronto Blue Jays and 1996 1998 1999 and 2000 with the New York Yankees). "
Cone lives in Stamford Connecticut and is a color commentator for the Yankees on the YES Network. 80.

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