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Eartha Kitt

Read through the most famous quotes from Eartha Kitt

It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.

— Eartha Kitt

#relationships #self-love #love

When I played Lady Day, I took Aba onstage with me as a joke. He started singing—in tune!—and the audience loved it. Eartha Kitt, when asked what tricks her poodle did.

— Eartha Kitt

#music #love

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.

— Eartha Kitt

#diploma #i #i am #learning #time

When the people who are responsible for our country ask you a direct question, I expect them to accept a direct answer, not to be blackballed because you are telling the truth.

— Eartha Kitt

#answer #ask #because #country #direct

My house was bugged. They couldn't find any information on me being a subversive because I happen to love America; I just don't like some of the things the government is doing.

— Eartha Kitt

#any #because #being #bugged #doing

Orson Welles was one of these people who was defying everything the doctors told him he wasn't supposed to be doing. He was really enjoying himself when he was eating what he wanted to eat.

— Eartha Kitt

#doctors #doing #eat #eating #enjoying

Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.

— Eartha Kitt

#beauty #respect #should #wonderful

You don't move just because you want to go from this point to that point - the body has to be using the words as well as you vocally use the words.

— Eartha Kitt

#body #go #just #just because #move

Dr. Einstein was not successful in school, but he found something in the air from his own imagination and his own brain power, and look what he did.

— Eartha Kitt

#brain #brain power #did #dr #einstein

I never take anything for granted. I may slip any minute.

— Eartha Kitt

#anything #granted #i #may #minute

About Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt Quotes

Did you know about Eartha Kitt?

In her later years Kitt made annual appearances in the New York Manhattan cabaret scene at venues such as the Ballroom and the Café Carlyle. They feel they are going to raise sons — and I know what it’s like and you have children of your own Mrs. It's a civil-rights thing isn't it?" Kitt famously appeared at many LGBT fundraisers including a mega event in Baltimore Maryland with George Burns and Jimmy James.

" She took over the role of Catwoman for the third and final season of the 1960s Batman television series replacing Julie Newmar who was unavailable due to other commitments. " Orson Welles once called her the "most exciting woman in the world. She also voiced Yzma on Disney's The Emperor's New Groove and its television spinoff The Emperor's New School earning five Emmy Awards in the process the last shortly before her death.

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