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Hart Crane

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One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them ...

— Hart Crane

#life-lesson #words #life

O sleepless as the river under thee, / Vaulting the sea, the prairies' dreaming sod, / Onto us lowliest sometime sweep, descend / And of the curveship lend a myth to God.

— Hart Crane


And inasmuch as the bridge is a symbol of all such poetry as I am interested in writing it is my present fancy that a year from now I'll be more contented working in an office than ever before.

— Hart Crane

#before #bridge #contented #ever #fancy

I got so I simply gagged everytime I sat before my desk to write an ad.

— Hart Crane

#before #desk #everytime #gagged #got

The bottom of the sea is cruel.

— Hart Crane

#cruel #sea

The fact that The Bridge contains folk lore and other material suitable to the epic form need not therefore prove its failure as a long lyric poem, with interrelated sections.

— Hart Crane

#contains #epic #fact #failure #folk

About Hart Crane

Hart Crane Quotes

Did you know about Hart Crane?

The Brooklyn Bridge is both the poem’s central symbol and its poetic starting point. New York: The Library of America. In a 1991 interview with Antonio Weiss of The Paris Review the literary critic Harold Bloom talked about how Crane along with William Blake initially sparked his interest in literature at a very young age:

I was preadolescent ten or eleven years old.

In his most ambitious work The Bridge Crane sought to write an epic poem in the vein of The Waste Land that expressed a more optimistic view of modern urban culture than the one that he found in Eliot's work. Harold Hart Crane (July 21 1899 – April 27 1932) was an American poet.

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