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Hayden Panettiere

Read through the most famous quotes from Hayden Panettiere

If you TRY, and you just BELIEVE, you CAN; you WILL.

— Hayden Panettiere

#positivity #inspirational

Every girl likes feeling hot and sexy and beautiful and likes hearing it.

— Hayden Panettiere

#every #feeling #girl #hearing #hot

I can be very dry and sarcastic.

— Hayden Panettiere

#i #i can #sarcastic #very

I don't have a model's body. But I'm not one of those crazy girls who thinks that they're fat. I'm okay with what I have. I can rock this body, you know?

— Hayden Panettiere

#crazy #fat #i #i can #know

I find when I'm overly concerned about what I eat, I stress out my body and put on weight.

— Hayden Panettiere

#body #concerned #eat #find #i

I know it sounds absurd, but 11 months old, I did my first commercial.

— Hayden Panettiere

#commercial #did #first #i #know

I like to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to a cause so that I have more impact. My goal is to shed light on the beauty of the ocean and how important it is for our planet.

— Hayden Panettiere

#cause #dedicate #goal #how #i

I remember hearing in first grade, 'Oh, why does she get to skip school?' It wasn't like I suddenly started feeling different. I always knew that I was. I never felt I missed out.

— Hayden Panettiere

#different #does #feeling #felt #first

Eating healthy is a constant battle. I love chips. I'm a huge pasta fan.

— Hayden Panettiere

#chips #constant #eating #fan #healthy

I think at the age I'm at, it's really hard for a film career, and I'm at a point in my life where I thought it would be a good idea to be a part of a good show and to be able to finish school.

— Hayden Panettiere

#age #career #film #film career #finish

About Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere Quotes

Did you know about Hayden Panettiere?

Panettiere has a tattoo of the Italian words Vivere senza rimipianti [sic] running down her left side. In April 2012 Hayden Panettiere hosted an episode of the new series. On May 6 2009 Hayden Panettiere participated in a town hall meeting in New York City alongside Bristol Palin and then-Tampa Bay Rays and current Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza on the issue of teen pregnancy.

Other recent roles include her portrayal of the title character in true crime drama Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy and Kirby Reed in the slaHayden Panettierer film Scream 4. Her most notable role to date is that of cheerleader Claire Bennet on the NBC series Heroes (2006–2010) for which Hayden Panettiere won several awards. Hayden Leslie Panettiere (English pronunciation: /ˌpænɨtiˈɛər/; born August 21 1989) is an American actress singer and model.

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