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John Pomfret

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A lot of times when we work overseas we tend to put the experience of someone who lives overseas, a Chinese person or a Korean person or a Bosnian person, within the prism of an American life.

— John Pomfret

#american life #bosnian #chinese #experience #korean

And then I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to China in 1980, which was quite early.

— John Pomfret

#early #enough #get #go #i

Good journalism, I think, represents life and if you try to organize something too neatly it usually blows up in your face and doesn't really happen the way you want it to.

— John Pomfret

#face #good #happen #i #i think

I grew up in New York City in the late '70s, at a time when U.S. - China relations were something that was on the front page of The New York Times on a regular basis.

— John Pomfret

#china #city #front #grew #i

I had my life threatened by Bosnian Serbs on numerous occasions.

— John Pomfret

#had #i #life #my life #numerous

I think that's the main threat in Bosnia and Rwanda and Zaire. There doesn't seem to be much willingness to engage these problems unless they directly affect national security interests.

— John Pomfret

#bosnia #directly #engage #i #i think

I was fourteen when Kissinger made his secret trip to China, and then there was subsequently Nixon's trip to China, and I was very much seized with an interest in China.

— John Pomfret

#fourteen #his #i #interest #kissinger

I was posted to China in the summer of 1988, which was the greatest time ever, I think, to have been in China.

— John Pomfret

#china #ever #greatest #i #i think

I went back to the States and started at a small newspaper in Riverside County, California, covering the police; I was making $280 a week covering the police.

— John Pomfret

#california #county #covering #i #making

But on the other hand, in the midst of the chaos, you find normal people. You find people who are willing to risk their lives to tell you what they saw, even though they have no dog in the fight.

— John Pomfret

#dog #even #fight #find #hand

About John Pomfret

Did you know about John Pomfret?

He publiJohn Pomfretd a number of poems and was regarded as significant enough in his time to be included by Samuel Johnson in his Lives of the Poets. John Pomfret was the son of Thomas Pomfret vicar of Luton and went to school in Bedford. Although Pomfret was married 'The Choice' suggests the ideal life to be that of a bachelor who can spend his days among the classics in his library and drinking (moderately) with two 'brave gen'rous and witty' friends.

Unfortunately for Pomfret this last sentiment led indirectly to his death at the young age of 35. For the journalist see John Pomfret (journalist)
John Pomfret (1667–1702) was an English poet and clergyman. After graduating from Queens' College Cambridge he was appointed rector of Maulden in Bedfordshire in 1695.

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