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Loretta Devine

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I get a lot of independent films from people who are starting out.

— Loretta Devine

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I still have to audition for most things.

— Loretta Devine

#i #most #still #things

I'm in the process of trying to find something that I could do on my own.

— Loretta Devine

#find #i #my own #own #process

The fact that a person loves one particular person is what is important; the life lesson, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, is that you not be promiscuous, and true to one person.

— Loretta Devine

#heterosexual #homosexual #important #lesson #life

The message has become clearer to the nation about AIDS. People used to think they could catch it all kinds of ways, but we now know that it is absolutely passed through bodily fluids.

— Loretta Devine

#absolutely #aids #become #bodily #catch

About Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine Quotes

Did you know about Loretta Devine?

She grew up in the Acres Homes area of Houston. Kelly television series that was supposed to air on NBC Legally Mad. In 2007 Loretta Devine appeared in This Christmas a Screen Gems production co-starring Delroy Lindo Mekhi Phifer and Regina King.

Loretta Devine (born August 21 1949) is an American stage film and television actress.

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