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Matt Damon

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It's just better to be yourself than to try to be some version of what you think the other person wants.

— Matt Damon

#better #just #other #person #some

I think it's still hard for me to turn down work if it's really good because for so many years I was so desperate to get a job and couldn't and so it's kind of an anathema for me to turn down work.

— Matt Damon

#because #desperate #down #get #good

Eventually stardom is going to go away from me. It goes away from everybody and all you have in the end is to be able to look back and like the choices you made.

— Matt Damon

#away #back #choices #end #eventually

For Ripley I learned to play some songs on the piano, and I never really played them again.

— Matt Damon

#i #learned #never #piano #play

I didn't grow up with great privilege, nor did I grow up wanting for anything. I was a middle-class kid and, relative to the rest of the world, that's great wealth.

— Matt Damon

#did #great #grow #grow up #i

I found myself getting more publicly shy when the gala events and big crowds started. Some people embrace it. To me, it's not worth enough to risk my private life being public.

— Matt Damon

#big #crowds #embrace #enough #events

I honestly if I get a vacation I'm gonna go and sit on my couch in New York cause that's the one place I haven't been for a very long time.

— Matt Damon

#cause #couch #get #go #gonna

I never wanted to do the same kind of movies over and over anyway, so my theory on it all is I'm just gonna try and dodge the label and keep doing what I am doing.

— Matt Damon

#anyway #dodge #doing #gonna #i

I started really young, like 12 or 13, and then I started doing school plays. We had a really good drama department, so the kind of drama-geek stigma wasn't really there in my high school.

— Matt Damon

#doing #drama #good #good drama #had

It's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.

— Matt Damon

#fake #nobody #real #somebody #than

About Matt Damon

Matt Damon Quotes

Did you know about Matt Damon?

Invictus earned Damon an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The monologue was hijacked in part by Ben Affleck altering cue cards and the show culminated with an interview with Kimmel's former fiance Sarah Silverman. Damon became stepfather to Barroso's young daughter Alexia from her previous marriage.

He is one of the top-40 highest-grossing actors of all time. In 2007 Damon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Matthew Paige "Matt" Damon (born October 8 1970) is an American actor screenwriter producer and philanthropist whose career was launched following the success of the drama film Good Will Hunting (1997) from a screenplay he co-wrote with friend and actor Ben Affleck.

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