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Mervyn Peake

Read through the most famous quotes from Mervyn Peake

And now, my poor old woman, why are you crying so bitterly? It is autumn. The leaves are falling from the trees like burning tears- the wind howls. Why must you mimic them?

— Mervyn Peake

#copy #cry #crying #despair #fall

Why break the heart that never beat from love?

— Mervyn Peake

#love #love

To live at all is miracle enough.

— Mervyn Peake

#living #miracle #miracles #life

Life is too fleet for onomatopoeia.

— Mervyn Peake

#fleet #funny #gormenghast #life #life-lessons

For death is life. It is only living that is lifeless.

— Mervyn Peake

#life #death

His was not the hatred that arises suddenly like a storm and as suddenly abates. It was, once the initial shock of anger and pain was over, a calculated thing that grew in a bloodless way.

— Mervyn Peake

#anger #gothic #anger

I am too rich already, for my eyes mint gold. - Coloured Money

— Mervyn Peake

#beauty-in-nature #eyes #gold #riches #wealth

If seeing her an hour before her last Weak cough into all blackness I could yet Be held by chalk-white walls - The Consumptive. Belsen 1945

— Mervyn Peake

#belsen #death #disease #guilt #wwii

I do not understand your love,' he said.

— Mervyn Peake

#keda #rantel #love

But haven't all ambitious people something of the monstrous about them? You, sir, for instance, if you will forgive me, are a little bit monstrous.

— Mervyn Peake

#titus-groan #forgiveness

About Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake Quotes

Did you know about Mervyn Peake?

In December 1939 he was commissioned by Chatto & Windus to illustrate a children's book Ride a Cock Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes publiMervyn Peaked for the Christmas market in 1940. He completed his formal education at Croydon School of Art in the autumn of 1929 and then at the Royal Academy Schools from December 1929 to 1933 where he first painted in oils. Peake placed much hope in his play The Wit To Woo which was finally staged in London's West End in 1957 but it was a critical and commercial failure.

He is best known for what are usually referred to as the Gormenghast books. The three works were part of what Peake conceived as a lengthy cycle the completion of which was prevented by his death and consequently should not be considered a trilogy.

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