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Robert B. Parker

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I took my .38 out and looked to see that there were bullets in all the proper places. I knew there would be, but it did no harm to be careful. And I'd seen Clint Eastwood do it once in the movies.

— Robert B. Parker

#detectives #guns #humor #irony #machos

Writer's block? I've never heard of a plumber complain about plumber's block.

— Robert B. Parker


Thank you sir," she said. "I hope that your friend feels better soon." I shrugged. "The ways of the Lord" I said, "are often dark, but never pleasant.

— Robert B. Parker

#humor #religon #spenser #humor

College had little effect on me. I'd have been the same writer if I'd gone to MIT, except I'd have flunked out sooner.

— Robert B. Parker

#college #effect #except #flunked #gone

I got thrown out of school several weeks in my senior year being caught in the girls' dorm. This was 1954, friends. The girls' dorm was off limits. Even to girls, I think.

— Robert B. Parker

#caught #dorm #even #friends #got

I have reached the point where I know that as long as I sit down to write, the ideas will come. What they will be, I don't know.

— Robert B. Parker

#down #i #ideas #know #long

I didn't have to say it. I just had to write it. It was painful enough.

— Robert B. Parker

#had #i #just #painful #say

I think at this stage in my life I have learned that there are any number of things that men will never know, and can never hope to know, about women.

— Robert B. Parker

#any #hope #i #i have learned #i think

I think finally good writing gets out there, and people like it, and bad writing doesn't. Well, no. Bad writing does get out there 'cause some people like it.

— Robert B. Parker

#cause #does #finally #get #gets

I really don't know what I am going to do in terms of what a book is going to be about until I actually start writing it!

— Robert B. Parker

#actually #am #book #going #i

About Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker Quotes

Did you know about Robert B. Parker?

Burke and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area. In addition to Parker's introduction excerpts from several of the Spenser novels were included.

Robert Brown Parker (September 17 1932 – January 18 2010) was an American crime writer. ABC television network developed the television series Spenser: For Hire based on the character in the mid-1980s; a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced.

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