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Sigourney Weaver

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I'm always the last person they go to with a sequel, because I'm the most skeptical. You know, I'm very proud of what we've done, and I don't want to screw up our series.

— Sigourney Weaver

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I'm no Ripley. I had doubts that I could play her as strongly as she had to be played, but I must say that it was fun exploring that side of myself. Women don't get to do that very often.

— Sigourney Weaver

#doubts #exploring #fun #get #had

If you come back from the dead, you don't have the same value system, I think.

— Sigourney Weaver

#come #dead #i #i think #same

It was actually a relief for me to play an actor who was scared, who didn't know where everything was, who didn't know what buttons to push, and for me to be able to play all that.

— Sigourney Weaver

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Maybe you're better to play a villain just straight out.

— Sigourney Weaver

#just #maybe #out #play #straight

One of the reasons I did this, because I wasn't really looking for another science fiction film, was that my daughter can see it. She's 9 and it's really a good film for all ages.

— Sigourney Weaver

#another #because #daughter #did #fiction

There's a lot of conning as part of our society, I think.

— Sigourney Weaver

#i think #lot #our #part #society

Usually it's the guys that don't follow you around, who you're attracted to!

— Sigourney Weaver

#attracted #follow #guys #usually #who

What makes these creatures so awful is the feeling that they can use us in ways too horrible to imagine-and yet, we DO imagine them, which makes it worse than seeing it.

— Sigourney Weaver

#creatures #feeling #horrible #imagine #makes

With Alien, because we always use a different director, each one kind of stands on its own. So I guess it's possible for them to make another one, but we have no plans.

— Sigourney Weaver

#always #another #because #different #director

About Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver Quotes

Did you know about Sigourney Weaver?

The same year Sigourney Weaver appeared opposite Harrison Ford in a supporting role as Katharine Parker in the film Working Girl. By the early 1990s Weaver appeared in several films including Ang Lee's The Ice Storm earning her another Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress and winning a BAFTA Award followed by Dave opposite Kevin Kline and Frank Langella. In May 2010 there were reports that Weaver had been cast for the lead role Margaret Matheson in the Spanish thriller film Red Lights.

Other notable roles include Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters and its sequel Ghostbusters II Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey Working Girl The Ice Storm Galaxy Quest Prayers for Bobby and Grace Augustine in Avatar. She played the lead role on USA Network's Political Animals miniseries as Elaine Barrish a divorced former First Lady and Governor of Illinois as well as the current Secretary of State. She was also nominated for a Drama Desk Award and a Tony Award.

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