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Wil Wheaton

Read through the most famous quotes from Wil Wheaton

You can’t has,' he whispered softly, 'not yours.

— Wil Wheaton

#fantasy #geekery #humor #humor

I can't believe you said that about fire ants and thunderstorms! You are such a Houstonist!

— Wil Wheaton

#humor #humor

As an adult, getting paid thousands of dollars a week to say, “Aye, Sir. Course laid in” is a seriously sweet gig, but when I was a teenager, it sucked.

— Wil Wheaton

#humor #memoir #star-trek #life

Picard only saw the movie, which had the entire Tales of the Black Starship subplot removed for time.

— Wil Wheaton


I would love to find myself in a position where I have to decide, 'Gosh, do I want to be on a series?'

— Wil Wheaton

#find #gosh #i #love #myself

I'm guess I'm up to about 70% of normal, which is a real relief. My doctor gave me clearance to go out in public again, so I've been able to go to the store and help out a little bit around the house.

— Wil Wheaton

#about #again #around #been #bit

I've done a lot of geeky things in my life, but I think the geekiest of all was my first effort to build props and cosplay, when I was about twelve years-old.

— Wil Wheaton

#build #done #effort #first #geeky

My wife is the most awesome person in the universe. She's made this experience much less miserable for me, with her compassion, patience and understanding.

— Wil Wheaton

#compassion #experience #her #less #made

I spent a lot of my childhood not fitting in, in a lot of different ways.

— Wil Wheaton

#different #different ways #fitting #fitting in #i

People who don't want to give a creator money are never going to give a creator money.

— Wil Wheaton

#give #going #money #never #people

About Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton Quotes

Did you know about Wil Wheaton?

O'Reilly acquired Dancing Barefoot and publiWil Wheatond his extended memoirs Just a Geek in summer of 2004. His most noteworthy credits include the roles of Aqualad in the cartoon Teen Titans the voice of radio journalist Richard Burns in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Kyle in the Nickelodeon cartoon Kyle + Rosemary himself and various other characters on both Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy the second Blue Beetle Ted Kord on Batman: The Brave and the Bold in the episode "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" Yakumo in Kurokami: The Animation Menma in Naruto Hans in Slayers Evolution-R and Aaron Terzieff in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Wheaton also played D&D 4th edition at the PAX 2011 event using the 4th edition rules and used the D&D Next play test rules at PAX Prime 2012.

He blogs at Wil Wheaton Dot Net and has written WWdN: In Exile. He portrayed Wesley CruWil Wheatonr on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation Gordie Lachance in the film Stand by Me Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers and a recurring role as himself on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Richard William "Wil" Wheaton III (born July 29 1972) is an American actor and writer.

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