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He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me. That ideas should freely spread from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, seems to have been peculiarly and benevolently designed by nature, when she made them, like fire, expansible over all space, without lessening their density in any point, and like the air in which we breathe, move, and have our physical being, incapable of confinement or exclusive appropriation.

Thomas Jefferson

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Removing or preventing corrupting dependence would enable men to be equal in practice. At age 16 Jefferson entered the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg and first met the law professor George Wythe who became his influential mentor. I contemplate it as a blot left in all our constitutions which if not covered will end in their destruction which is already hit by the gamblers in corruption and is sweeping away in its progress the fortunes and morals of our citizens.

Thomas Jefferson (April 13 1743 (April 2 1743 O. Elected Vice President in 1796 when he came in second to John Adams of the Federalists Jefferson opposed Adams and with Madison secretly wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions which attempted to nullify the Alien and Sedition Acts. In 1803 President Jefferson initiated a process of Indian tribal removal and relocation to the Louisiana Territory west of the Mississippi River in order to open lands for eventual American settlers.

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