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You know what I have noticed? And this is really sad. Flying first class is less scary than flying coach. They speak to you and they're so nice to you and they want to help you and they know you want a drink before the plane takes off. And they bring it to you without asking. If you're sitting in coach and hoping for a drink, good luck.

Hope Davis

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Personal life
Davis second of three children was born in Englewood New Jersey the daughter of Joan a librarian (and also the former librarian for the elementary section of the Elisabeth Morrow School) and William Davis an engineer. Filmography. These led her to roles in Hollywood films such as the thriller Arlington Road (1999) and About Schmidt (2002).

She has starred in more than 20 feature films including About Schmidt Arlington Road Flatliners Mumford American Splendor The Lodger and Next Stop Wonderland.

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