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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #humorous

For people who like that kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like.

Max Beerbohm

#misattributed-abraham-lincoln #humor

This guy had more lines than loose-leaf.

Cara Lynn Shultz


My dad had once told me, crimson-red deep in “the talk,” that with sons, all he had to worry about was one penis, but with a daughter, he had to worry about everyone else’s.

Nicole Williams

#parents-and-children #the-sex-talk #humor

Being here? With you? I've met my subconscious, and he's not that sick.

Jim Butcher


Just because you’re allowed to use magic now you don’t have to whip your wands out for every tiny little thing!

J.K. Rowling


But if I hadn't shoved you off the boat back there,you'd be lost at sea now,wouldn't you? We'd all be lost! So thanks to me you're all standing on land." (Pirates, its a good thing they're idiots)

Dave Barry


I`m basically one of the best people I know.

Jeff Kinney


Shut up, you fool...Really. I’m running out of things to throw at you.

K.M. Parr


Does my grandma count as a bodyguard?

Holly Hood


I don't think I'd want Mickey Mouse pimping for me anyway.

Haruki Murakami

#humour #humor

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