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David Knopfler

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Trust the tale, not the teller.

— David Knopfler

#teller #trust

I didn't really escape that gravity until I moved 300 miles south to go to college at 18, where authorship no longer seemed something liable to induce vengeful punishment.

— David Knopfler

#college #escape #go #gravity #i

I feel like I'm stepping into a place of spiritual contemplation every time I enter a studio; it's always had a certain magic to me that has never worn off with familiarity.

— David Knopfler

#certain #contemplation #enter #every #every time

I took the process of doing as much myself as I could like a duck to water. I set up my own label and publishing, etc, and it was a fun learning curve two decades ago.

— David Knopfler

#could #curve #decades #doing #duck

I'd make a terrible practitioner of any religion in any formal setting.

— David Knopfler

#formal #i #make #practitioner #religion

In some ways it's taken me decades to come clean and make honest work - and still to this day, sometimes I find myself wanting to hide behind my work and deny the more biographical aspects.

— David Knopfler

#behind #biographical #clean #come #day

My faith, inasmuch as I have any, is more like a kind of Joseph Campbell thing, and even that frequently finds itself tested to oblivion in siren waters.

— David Knopfler

#campbell #even #faith #finds #frequently

Now that I'm staring down the barrel of the last act of my life, I'm less excited about control and solo effort, and I resent the way the business aspects interfere with my space for creative writing.

— David Knopfler

#act #aspects #barrel #business #control

So why sign your name in blood for more? It seemed like a sensible arrangement for me. I didn't sell large numbers of records and the record company paid advances they rarely recouped.

— David Knopfler

#arrangement #blood #company #i #large

The school was prone to dishing out punishments for anything creative that didn't fit with expectation - I just followed the logic and figured the folk club was probably much the same.

— David Knopfler

#club #creative #expectation #figured #fit

About David Knopfler

David Knopfler Quotes

Did you know about David Knopfler?

He wrote the Bluffers Guide to the Rock Music Business. The stress of composing arranging songs recording the then-requisite two albums and tours to support them took its toll on the brothers and David left the band during the recording of their third album Making Movies leaving him uncredited on the album. Knopfler spent three years in Dire Straits.

After quitting the band he embarked upon a solo career as a recording artist. Knopfler has encouraged the advent of online purchasing music in 1995 although he concedes the necessity for other avenues of the distribution and sale of recorded music. Knopfler is a publiDavid Knopflerd poet and writer.

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