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Laura Linney

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What I find so interesting about people is the choices they make, and how that effects their behavior, their sense of self and their relationships.

— Laura Linney

#behavior #choices #effects #find #how

I have a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste and all the things I might need during the day. I call the bag my trailer. Sometimes you don't have a trailer, so that's my trailer.

— Laura Linney

#call #day #during #i #might

All the things that most kids hated, I loved. I loved that things were asked of me and that, much to my surprise, I was able to do them. I loved the 10 o'clock bedtime. I loved the responsibility.

— Laura Linney

#asked #bedtime #clock #hated #i

Comedy is a way to make sense of chaos. It's a way of dealing with things that are overwhelming, that threaten you; it's a way to survive and get closer to the truth.

— Laura Linney

#closer #comedy #dealing #get #make

I've always thought that I'm sexy in my own right, but not in a way that people thought was bankable.

— Laura Linney

#i #my own #own #people #right

People's view of cancer will change when they have their own relationship with cancer, which everyone will, at some point.

— Laura Linney

#change #everyone #own #people #point

What people can survive and what they don't survive is shocking to me. Someone can go to Iraq and be blown to bits and survive. Someone can trip and fall on the street and they die - that's that.

— Laura Linney

#blown #die #fall #go #iraq

When your life is being threatened there's an instinctive urge to fight. You fight for the time you have, for your relationships.

— Laura Linney

#fight #instinctive #life #relationships #threatened

A magnetic personality doesn't necessarily indicate a good heart.

— Laura Linney

#good heart #heart #indicate #magnetic #necessarily

Traits like humility, courage, and empathy are easily overlooked - but it's immensely important to find them in your closest relationships.

— Laura Linney

#courage #easily #empathy #find #humility

About Laura Linney

Laura Linney Quotes

Did you know about Laura Linney?

Linney graduated from Brown with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. Theater
Linney's extensive stage credits on Broadway and elsewhere include Hedda Gabler for which Laura Linney won the 1994 Joe A. The same year Laura Linney also appeared in the role of an artist's model in the low-budget film Maze with Rob Morrow.

During her career Laura Linney has received three Emmy Awards two Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Additionally Laura Linney has been the recipient of three Academy Award nominations and three Tony Award nominations. She is most well known for her performances in films such as The Truman Show Mystic River and Kinsey among others.

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