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Lord George Gordon

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David and his followers taught no new doctrines, in their dispersion or when they came to power, that can be brought to countenance thee at all in shaving off thy beard.

— Lord George Gordon

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The mad, cruel, and accursed American war.

— Lord George Gordon

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The Roman Catholics must know as well as we do that "Popery" when encouraged by government has always been dangerous to the liberties of the people.

— Lord George Gordon

#been #catholics #dangerous #encouraged #government

About Lord George Gordon

Did you know about Lord George Gordon?

In keeping with tzedaka (Charity) laws he gave what little money he could to those in need. While in jail Gordon lived the life of an Orthodox Jew and he adjusted his prison life to his circumstances. Initially the mob dispersed after threatening to force their way into the House of Commons but reassembled soon afterwards and over several days destroyed several Roman Catholic chapels pillaged the private dwellings of Catholics set fire to Newgate Prison broke open all the other prisons and attacked the Bank of England and several other public buildings.

His life ended after a number of controversies notably one surrounding his conversion to Judaism for which he was ostracised. A colourful personality he was born into the Scottish nobility and became a member of parliament for Ludgershall.

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