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Thomas Sydenham

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They love without measure those whom they will soon hate without reason.

— Thomas Sydenham

#hate #love #love

For humble individuals like myself, there is one poor comfort, which is this, viz. that gout, unlike any other disease, kills more rich men than poor, more wise men than simple.

— Thomas Sydenham

#comfort #disease #gout #humble #individuals

The art of medicine was to be properly learned only from its practice and its exercise.

— Thomas Sydenham

#art #exercise #learned #medicine #only

A man is as old as his arteries.

— Thomas Sydenham

#his #man #old

I confidently affirm that the greater part of those who are supposed to have died of gout, have died of the medicine rather than the disease - a statement in which I am supported by observation.

— Thomas Sydenham

#am #confidently #died #disease #gout

I watched what method Nature might take, with intention of subduing the symptom by treading in her footsteps.

— Thomas Sydenham

#her #i #intention #method #might

In writing the history of a disease, every philosophical hypothesis whatsoever, that has previously occupied the mind of the author, should lie in abeyance.

— Thomas Sydenham

#disease #every #history #hypothesis #lie

Among the remedies which it has pleased Almighty God to give to man to relieve his sufferings, none is so universal and so efficacious as opium.

— Thomas Sydenham

#almighty god #among #efficacious #give #god

Lastly, he must remember that he himself hath no exemption from the common lot, but that he is bound by the same laws of mortality, and liable to the same ailments and afflictions with his fellows.

— Thomas Sydenham

#ailments #bound #common #exemption #fellows

Nothing in medicine is so insignificant as to merit attention.

— Thomas Sydenham

#insignificant #medicine #merit #nothing

About Thomas Sydenham

Thomas Sydenham Quotes

Did you know about Thomas Sydenham?

" A gentleman of fortune he diagnosed with hypochondria was at length told he could do no more for him but that there was living at Inverness a certain Dr Robertson who had great skill in cases like his; the patient journeyed to Inverness full of hope and finding no doctor of the name there came back to London full of rage but cured withal of his complaint. Among his many achievements was the discovery of a disease Sydenham's Chorea also known as St Vitus Dance. If there were any suspicion that the opposition to him was quite other than political it would be set at rest by the testimony of Dr Andrew Brown who went from Scotland to inquire into Sydenham's practice and has incidentally revealed what was commonly thought of it at the time in his Vindicatory Schedule concerning the New Cure of Fevers.

He became the undisputed master of the English medical world and was known as 'The English Hippocrates’. His brother was Colonel William Sydenham. Thomas fought for the Parliament throughout the English Civil War and at its end resumed his medical studies at Oxford.

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