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It just seems OK these days to throw women under the bus. Like we're a bargaining chip.

Lizz Winstead

#bus #chip #days #just #like

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About Lizz Winstead

Did you know about Lizz Winstead?

She was a successful national headlining comedian appearing on shows like HBO's Women of the Night and the Aspen Comedy Festival. In 2006 Lizz Winstead served as the executive producer of the Weekends with Maury and Connie program on MSNBC. In December 2009 Lizz Winstead was interviewed on the RadioChick on Shovio's "Talk Back TV".

A native of Minnesota Winstead was co-creator of The Daily Show along with Madeleine Smithberg and served as head writer. Lizz Winstead (born August 5 1961) is an American comedienne radio and television personality and blogger.

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