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Chiaki Kuriyama

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I certainly look at them very differently now, and enjoy Jackie Chan movies and movies like that.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#chan #differently #enjoy #i #jackie

I didn't understand the American fascination with the Japanese schoolgirl. No, I don't think I can, really.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#fascination #i #i can #japanese #really

I loved playing Go Go, because the character's so extreme. And she's pretty close to my real character. Especially the fact that she liked her sword with a lot of accessories.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#because #character #close #especially #extreme

I once hit Quentin on the head with my ball and chain.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#chain #head #hit #i #once

I think probably like seeing women fight because we're generally not thought to be strong, especially in the case of this movie.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#because #case #especially #fight #generally

It was pretty much the way that it was when I first read it, although one exception would be that some ideas that I had were also incorporated into the script.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#although #exception #first #had #i

Julie Dryfus and I were both afraid of heights and in one scene, I had to be quite high up and I was rather terrified, but Julie was very kind, encouraging me and we got through that together.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#both #encouraging #got #had #heights

Obviously, a skirt does present certain problems that I had to be aware of. But when it came to the shoot and we were rolling, I didn't really pay it any attention. It wasn't too bad.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#attention #aware #bad #came #certain

We started with the basics of kicking and punching, then we moved on once we got proficient in that, we moved on to working with the weapons, and from then on working with the wires.

— Chiaki Kuriyama

#got #kicking #moved #moved on #once

About Chiaki Kuriyama

Chiaki Kuriyama Quotes

Did you know about Chiaki Kuriyama?

She was born in Tsuchiura Ibaraki. com (2000) as Kazumi Naruse
R-17 (2001) as Saori Maruyama
Jyooubachi (2006) as Tomoko/Kotoe Daidoji
Woman's Island (2006) as Rei Fujishima
Haru Barneys de (2006) as Sakurai Sae
Kakure Karakuri (2006) as Karin Hanayama
Hagetaka (2007) (TV) as Yuka Mishima
Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go (2007) as Terumi Meguro
Ashita no Kita Yoshio (2008) as Rika Hasegawa
Loss Time Life (2008) as Ayaka Kurosaki
Sirius no Michi (2008) as Yuka Hirano
Atami no Sousakan (2010) as Sae Kitajima
Rebound (2010) as Mimura Hitomi
Tsukahara Bokuden (2010) as Mahiro
Himitsu Chouhouin Erika (2011) as Takahashi Erika
Carnation (2011–2012) as Natsu Yoshida
Ataru (2012) as Ebina Maiko

Toire no Hanako-san (1995)
Gonin (1995) as Ogiwara's daughter
Shikoku (1999) as Sayori Hiura
Kamen Gakuen (2000) as Reika Dojima
Ju-on (2000) as Mizuho Tamura
Battle Royale (2000) as Takako Chigusa - Girl #13
Kill Bill: Vol. (ASIN B0001LNO7O2004)
digi+Girls kishin NO.

Chiaki Kuriyama (栗山 千明 Kuriyama Chiaki? born October 10 1984) is a Japanese actress singer and model.

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