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Chris Ware

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One of the most valuable things one of my art teachers said to me was, ‘Don’t get upset by criticism. Value the fact that at least someone noticed what you did.

— Chris Ware

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Newly Found Sugary Spill: Tastes Like Dried Spit or Old Soda

— Chris Ware

#gross #similes #simile

Comics, at least in periodical form, exist almost entirely free of any pretense; the critical world of art hardly touches them, and they're 100% personal.

— Chris Ware

#any #art #comics #critical #entirely

I believe that the development of language - of naming, categorization, conceptualization - destroys our ability to see as we age.

— Chris Ware

#age #believe #destroys #development #i

I don't think of myself as an illustrator. I think of myself as a cartoonist. I write the story with pictures - I don't illustrate the story with the pictures.

— Chris Ware

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I guess I just don't like being physically in front of people I don't know very well, because I expect to be "seen through," or, even worse, instantly hated.

— Chris Ware

#being #even #even worse #expect #front

I have a preponderance to look smug in photos; something to do with the way my mouth turns up at the corners.

— Chris Ware

#i #look #mouth #photos #preponderance

I had a messy signature as a child, and my grandmother said this suggested I had no regard for other people. She was right.

— Chris Ware

#grandmother #had #i #messy #other

I prefer to imagine that my wife, a few friends, and occasionally my mom are the only ones who read what I do, though I realize that this is somewhat unrealistic.

— Chris Ware

#friends #i #i do #imagine #mom

Drawing on a computer doesn't make any sense to me. It's not intuitive.

— Chris Ware

#computer #drawing #intuitive #make #me

About Chris Ware

Chris Ware Quotes

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Quimby the Mouse appears in the logo of a Chicago-based bookstore "Quimby's" although their shared name was originally a coincidence. Unfortunately as a result I guess sometimes readers get a chilled or antiseptic sensation from it which is certainly not intentional and is something I admit as a failure but is also something I can't completely change at the moment. In addition to numerous daily strips under different titles Ware also had a weekly satirical science fiction serial in the paper titled Floyd Farland: Citizen of the Future.

His lettering and images are often elaborate and sometimes evoke the ragtime era or another early 20th-century American design style. He is considered by some critics and fellow notable illustrators and writers such as Dave Eggers to be among the best currently working in the medium; Canadian graphic-novelist Seth has said "Chris really changed the playing field. Franklin Christenson Ware (born December 28 1967) known professionally as Chris Ware is an American comic book artist and cartoonist notable for his Acme Novelty Library series and the graphic novels Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth and Building Stories.

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