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David Brin

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It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.

— David Brin

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When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

— David Brin

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Creative people see Prometheus in a mirror, never Pandora.

— David Brin


Where subtlety fails us we must simply make do with cream pies.

— David Brin


Prison for the crime of puberty -- that was how secondary school had seemed.

— David Brin

#puberty #school #teenage #education

Only people with full stomachs become environmentalists.

— David Brin

#environmentalism #environmentalists #logistics #people #practicality

The best means to an end are not always those that appear most direct.

— David Brin


Your faith in Homo technologicus -the Tinkering Man- has one fatal flaw. It offers you no escape clause.

— David Brin

#progress #faith

Even in dying, a Thennanin ship was reputed to be not worth putting out of its misery. In battle they were slow, unmaneuverable—and as hard to disable permanently as a cockroach.

— David Brin

#irony #life #simile #space #death

But it is a delightful challenge to try to depict interesting aliens.

— David Brin

#delightful #depict #interesting #try

About David Brin

David Brin Quotes

Did you know about David Brin?

In the "Uplift" novels humans are economically and technologically the weakest spacefaring race and are an anomaly since they have no apparent "patron" species responsible for their uplift from animal pre-sapience (Whether their patron abandoned them or whether humans gained sentience on their own is never definitively settled). Brin has confirmed that this notion in part underscores the notion of humans as "caretakers" of sentient-species-yet-to-be as he explains in a concluding note at the end of Startide Rising; and it plays a key role in The Uplift War where the Thennanin are converted from enemies to allies of the Terragens (humans and other sapients that originated on Earth) when they realize that making the world a better place and being good caretakers are core values of both civilizations. On Star Wars Brin focused on what he called George Lucas's "agenda" describing how he saw the basis of the Star Wars universe as profoundly anti-democratic.

D. He has received the HugoLocusCampbell and Nebula Awards.

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