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Ed Miliband

Read through the most famous quotes from Ed Miliband

A company is not accountable just to its owners, but to its workers and its customers.

— Ed Miliband

#company #customers #just #owners #workers

And think of how we challenged the idea of a male dominated Parliament with All-Women shortlists and made the cause of gender equality central to our government. We were right to do so.

— Ed Miliband

#central #challenged #dominated #equality #gender

Freedom and opportunity are precious gifts and the purpose of our politics is to expand them, for all our people.

— Ed Miliband

#freedom #gifts #opportunity #our #our people

I don't believe in God personally but I have great respect for those people who do and different people have different religious views in this country.

— Ed Miliband

#country #different #different people #god #great

I suppose not everyone has a dad who wrote a book saying he didn't believe in the Parliamentary road to socialism.

— Ed Miliband

#book #dad #everyone #i #parliamentary

I want to move to a world of no nuclear weapons but I want to do that through multilateral disarmament so that we all disarm together.

— Ed Miliband

#disarmament #i #move #multilateral #nuclear

Let's start to have a grown up debate in this country about who we are and where we want to go and what kind of country we want to build.

— Ed Miliband

#build #country #debate #go #grown

Look, there is a sort of old view about class which is a very simplistic view that we have got the working class, the middle class and the upper class, I think it is more complicated than that.

— Ed Miliband

#class #complicated #got #i #i think

The great thing is that whether we have faith or not, we are by and large very tolerant of people, whatever their particular view.

— Ed Miliband

#great #great thing #large #particular #people

The most important lesson of New Labour is this: Every time we made progress we did it by challenging the conventional wisdom.

— Ed Miliband

#conventional #conventional wisdom #did #every #every time

About Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband Quotes

Did you know about Ed Miliband?

Returning to the UK after Christmas in January 2004 Gordon Brown appointed Miliband as Chairman of HM Treasury's Council of Economic Advisers as a replacement for Ed Balls with specific responsibility for directing the UK's long-term economic planning. By 9 June the deadline for entry into the Labour leadership contest Miliband had been nominated by just over 24% of the Parliamentary Labour Party double the amount required. In March 2009 whilst Secretary of State Miliband attended the UK premiere of climate change film The Age of Stupid where he was ambuEd Milibandd by actor Pete Postlethwaite who threatened to return his OBE and vote for any party other than Labour if the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station was given the go-ahead by the government.

As Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed Miliband as Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 28 June 2007. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Doncaster North since 2005 and served in the Cabinet from 2007 to 2010 under Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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