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Janet Evanovich

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I ran three miles, staggered into the lobby, and took the elevator back to my apartment. No point to overdoing this exercise junk. --Stephanie Plum

— Janet Evanovich

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Honey, a man can't keep his gun in a cookie jar. It just isn't done.

— Janet Evanovich


There is no such thing as a good call at 7 AM. It's been my experience that all calls between the hours of 11 PM and 9 AM are disaster calls.

— Janet Evanovich

#night #phone #plum #sleep #stephanie

If I gave you a pity position it wouldn't be in my office.

— Janet Evanovich

#ranger #romance #humor

If she wasn't your grandmother I'd shoot her." Ranger

— Janet Evanovich


I had an alarm, I had nerve gas, I had a yogurt. What more could anyone want?

— Janet Evanovich


Then I had to decide if I needed to wear shoes that kicked ass or were good for ass kicking, on account of there's a difference you know. ~ Finger Lickin' Fifteen

— Janet Evanovich

#humor #humor

Almost everybody I know has died,” Grandma said. “Bunch of wimps.

— Janet Evanovich


I always wanted to eat with a Negro,” Grandma said. Yeah, well I always wanted to eat with a boney- assed old white woman,” Lula said. “So I guess this works out good.

— Janet Evanovich

#mystery #thriller #comedy

You're a marshmallow. Soft and sweet and when you get heated up you go all gooey and delicious."-

— Janet Evanovich

#romantic #money

About Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich Quotes

Did you know about Janet Evanovich?

Both are from New Jersey both devour Cheetos both had owned a hamster and both have shared "similar embarrassing experiences. V. After someone suggested Janet Evanovich try writing romance novels Evanovich read several romances and discovered that Janet Evanovich enjoyed the genre.

Janet Evanovich (born Janet Schneider; April 22 1943) is an American writer. The 19 novels in this series consistently top the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists most recently with Notorious Nineteen.

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