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John Redwood

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At the next General Election, voters face a clear choice: deregulation and less interference in everyday life with the Conservatives, or yet more regulation and interference under Mr Blair.

— John Redwood

#choice #clear #conservatives #deregulation #election

The library is seen as a force for self improvement and the pursuit of knowledge. I fear that in many cases this is no longer true, if it ever was.

— John Redwood

#ever #fear #force #i #improvement

The UK downgrade will come as little surprise to many. It does not appear to be occurring because the UK is cutting its deficit too far and too fast.

— John Redwood

#because #come #cutting #deficit #does

We need to remind our core supporters that we have not forgotten their concern with the way our democracy is being replaced by European bureaucracy in so many areas.

— John Redwood

#being #bureaucracy #concern #core #democracy

What the study I chaired actually said was we needed tougher regulation of cash and capital in banks, as credit was too easy. Events proved that right.

— John Redwood

#banks #capital #cash #credit #easy

You have to be very rich to afford Labour, with 66 tax rises since they came in power.

— John Redwood

#came #labour #power #rich #rises

Young men do not want to have to take a consent form and a lawyer on a date, just as young women have every right to go on a date and to say 'No', having it respected.

— John Redwood

#date #every #form #go #having

About John Redwood

Did you know about John Redwood?

He voted for the reintroduction of capital punishment in 1988 1990 and 1994 and chose to vote to keep Section 28 in November 2003. ISBN 978-1-902301-99-0. Politico's Publishing.

John Alan Redwood (born 15 June 1951) is a British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament for Wokingham in Berkshire. He was formerly Secretary of State for Wales in Prime Minister John Major's Cabinet and was an unsuccessful challenger for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 1995.

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