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Kate Mulgrew

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Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary.

— Kate Mulgrew

#execution #punishment #unnecessary

Great writing is great writing. It's as simple as all that.

— Kate Mulgrew

#simple #writing

I have a very rich and wonderful personal life, and at its core are my sons.

— Kate Mulgrew

#i #life #personal #personal life #rich

It's not refreshing where there is confusion or any kind of discomfort in a group that has to work that closely together.

— Kate Mulgrew

#closely #confusion #discomfort #group #kind

Life is sacred to me on all levels. Abortion does not compute with my philosophy.

— Kate Mulgrew

#compute #does #levels #life #me

Of course, the young male demographic has always been the target demographic for 'Star Trek,' the men ageing fifteen to about twenty-five or thirty, a very tough market to appeal to.

— Kate Mulgrew

#ageing #always #appeal #been #course

The elegance and the quality - the talent is always in the literature. I start with the word and I base everything on that. It doesn't make any difference to me.

— Kate Mulgrew

#any #base #difference #elegance #everything

We are talking about someone who has lived. It must be honored in every respect. The fictional can take any kind of channel - according to the actor's marriage to the character.

— Kate Mulgrew

#according #actor #any #channel #character

About Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew Quotes

Did you know about Kate Mulgrew?

In June 2008 Mulgrew appeared in Equus on Broadway playing Hesther Saloman a public official who is empathetic toward the play's central character. She has performed in many television shows theater productions and movies earning a variety of awards for her acting including an Obie Award a Golden Satellite Award and a Saturn Award. Voyager was the first show broadcast on the new UPN channel the only series renewed after the channel's first programming season and its only show to run for seven seasons making it the UPN's longest running.

Katherine Kiernan Maria "Kate" Mulgrew (born April 29 1955) is an American actress most noted for her roles on Star Trek: Voyager as Captain Kathryn Janeway and Ryan's Hope as Mary Ryan. Mulgrew is an active member of the Alzheimer's Association National Advisory Council and the voice of Cleveland's MetroHealth System. She has also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

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