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Kate O'Brien

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My mom always said that if the Protestants catch a Catholic in their church, they feed them to the Jews.

— Kate O'Brien

#catch #catholic #church #feed #jews

A laugh is a terrible weapon.

— Kate O'Brien

#terrible #weapon

Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them.

— Kate O'Brien

#enough #everywhere #go #i #i think

Hmmm... I never get the answer I think I'm going to get.

— Kate O'Brien

#get #going #i #i think #never

I only use my sick days for hang-overs and soap opera weddings.

— Kate O'Brien

#i #only #opera #sick #soap

If it bends, it's funny; if it breaks, it's not funny.

— Kate O'Brien

#breaks #funny

If somebody on this team actually gets to first base, I'll stand there naked.

— Kate O'Brien

#base #first #gets #i #naked

It's filled with... baking soda. Because it really smells.

— Kate O'Brien

#because #filled #really #smells #soda

About Kate O'Brien

Did you know about Kate O'Brien?

Dalsimer: Kate O'Brien: A Critical Study (1990)
Éibhear WalKate O'Brien (editor): Ordinary People Dancing: Essays on Kate O'Brien (1993)
Éibhear WalKate O'Brien: Kate O'Brien: A Writing Life (2006)

Critical Essays on O'Brien
Joan Ryan: "Class and Creed in the Novels of Kate O'Brien" in M. "

Without My Cloak (1931) - (Winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize))
The Ante-Room (1934)
Mary Lavelle (1936) (adapted as the 1998 film Talk of Angels)
Pray for the Wanderer (1938)
The Land of Spices (1941)
The Last of Summer (1943)
That Lady (1946) (later a 1949 Broadway show and a 1955 movie)
The Flower of May (1953)
As Music and Splendour (1958)

Other Works
DistinguiKate O'Briend Villa: A Play in Three Acts (1926)
Farewell Spain (1937)
Teresa of Avila (1951)
My Ireland (1962)
Presentation Parlour (1963)

Critical Studies of O'Brien
Special issue on Kate O'Brien ed. Maher and G.

Kate O'Brien (3 December 1897 – 13 August 1974) was an Irish novelist and playwright.

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