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Neil Kinnock

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I warn you not to be ordinary, I warn you not to be young, I warn you not to fall ill, and I warn you not to grow old.

— Neil Kinnock

#grow #i #ill #old #ordinary

Do something that makes a difference - because, by God, there's a lot to make you angry.

— Neil Kinnock

#because #difference #god #lot #make

I would die for my country but I could never let my country die for me.

— Neil Kinnock

#country #die #i #me #never

Loyalty is a fine quality, but in excess it fills political graveyards.

— Neil Kinnock

#fills #fine #graveyards #loyalty #political

The enemy of idealism is zealotry.

— Neil Kinnock


The Parthenon without the marbles is like a smile with a tooth missing.

— Neil Kinnock

#marbles #missing #smile #tooth #without

You cannot fashion a wit out of two half-wits.

— Neil Kinnock

#fashion #half-wits #out #two #wit

About Neil Kinnock

Neil Kinnock Quotes

Did you know about Neil Kinnock?

On becoming an MP for the first time his father said "Remember Neil MP stands not just for Member of Parliament but also for Man of Principle". Labour won extra seats in Scotland Wales and Northern England but lost ground particularly in Southern England and London where the Tories still dominated. The Lord Kinnock PC (2005–)

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He went on to become the Vice-President of the European Commission under Romano Prodi from 1999 to 2004. Until the summer of 2009 he was also the Chairman of the British Council and the President of Cardiff University. Following Labour's fourth consecutive defeat in the 1992 general election Kinnock resigned as leader and resigned from the House of Commons three years later in order to become a European Commissioner.

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