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Sally Schneider

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Generally a chef's book is like a calling card or a portfolio to display their personal work.

— Sally Schneider

#calling #calling card #card #chef #display

A lot of people who want to cook with less fat are surprised by that. You can cook vegetables in a little water in a covered pan and then throw the fat into the residual liquid to coat them.

— Sally Schneider

#cook #covered #fat #into #less

But all that being said about modulation, if you're serving people delicious food, they won't complain.

— Sally Schneider

#being #complain #delicious #delicious food #food

Confit is the ultimate comfort food, and trendy or not, it is dazzling stuff.

— Sally Schneider

#comfort #comfort food #dazzling #stuff #trendy

I also think it's very important to consider how the food will feel to the person eating it.

— Sally Schneider

#consider #eating #feel #food #how

I had all kinds of food issues, including health concerns and weight concerns.

— Sally Schneider

#food #had #health #i #including

I realized I didn't want to be a photographer. I gave it up, but I still worked that job in the restaurant and I found myself constantly hanging out in the kitchen.

— Sally Schneider

#found #gave #hanging #i #job

I was aiming for the cooks that I've talked to by teaching an online course and by traveling, listening to people who are really busy and harried but want to be cooking.

— Sally Schneider

#busy #cooking #cooks #course #harried

I was working in restaurants as a captain and as a waiter.

— Sally Schneider

#i #restaurants #waiter #working

I'm a serious eater and a seriously hungry person, so I set out on that path to figure it out for myself, and of course it really resonated with other people.

— Sally Schneider

#eater #figure #hungry #i #myself

About Sally Schneider

Did you know about Sally Schneider?

After Schneider visited a ramp (wild leek) festival in the town in the early seventies Sally Schneider returned yearly to document and write about the compelling and unexpected culture that Sally Schneider found there a mix of Swiss and Appalachian that manifested in unique foodways art music architecture and story-telling. She developed these ideas in her long-running Food & Wine Magazine column “Well-Being” and her ground-breaking tome “A New Way to Cook”. She began her career in food working in restaurants in the in 1970’s.

Sally Schneider is a journalist and Founding Editor of the website 'the improvised life'. She is a columnist for The Atlantic Monthly Food Blog as well as a radio commentator for the national public radio show "The Splendid Table". A former chef Schneider is author of The Improvisational Cook A New Way to Cook and The Art of Low Calorie Cooking.

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