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David Cameron

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There's another way we are getting behind business - by sorting out the banks. Taxpayers bailed you out. Now it's time for you to repay the favour and start lending to Britain's small businesses.

— David Cameron

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We need the Chinese to - you know, spend more, save less - consume more and not be so focused on exports. There are big changes we need in the world.

— David Cameron

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Yes, America must do the right thing, but to provide moral leadership, America must do it in the right way, too.

— David Cameron

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If you can work and if you're offered a job and you don't take it, you cannot continue to claim benefits. It will be extremely tough.

— David Cameron

#cannot #claim #continue #extremely #job

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David Cameron Quotes

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At the end of May 2011 Cameron stepped down as patron of the Jewish National Fund the first British prime minister not to be patron of the charity in the 110 years of its existence. " As Leader of the Opposition Cameron stated that he did not intend to oppose the government as a matter of course and would offer his support in areas of agreement. Sir Tom Cowie working-class founder of Arriva and former Conservative donor ceased his donations in August 2007 due to disillusionment with Cameron's leadership saying "the Tory party seems to be run now by Old Etonians and they don't seem to understand how other people live.

David William Donald Cameron (pronunciation: /ˈkæmᵊrən/; born 9 October 1966) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom First Lord of the Treasury Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party. He then joined the Conservative Research Department and became Special Adviser to Norman Lamont and then to Michael Howard. In the 2010 general election held on 6 May the Conservatives won 307 seats in a hung parliament.

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