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John Prescott

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Down in the south, it's how we find the brownfield sites without taking too much land take to meet the tremendous demand for housing, and that's what I've done.

— John Prescott

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From 1997 when we came in, you guys and the public bought seven million more cars. You didn't get rid of the second car, did you? So what is happening is the growth of cars on the motorway.

— John Prescott

#came #car #cars #did #get

I have only been seeking to get them to the negotiating table and, thank God, that's where they are.

— John Prescott

#get #god #i #negotiating #only

I see this fella built like a barn door... and there's all these fox hunters, who didn't like me, screaming and shouting and as I walked past him I looked at him and he hit me with something.

— John Prescott

#built #door #fella #fox #him

If you look at Newcastle or Gateshead, even over twenty years, even with the previous administration, it has moved quite remarkably in transforming itself.

— John Prescott

#even #itself #look #moved #newcastle

In a sense, what we do with the regional development agencies is to give them resources to look at the deficiencies in the economy in the regional areas, so they can address themselves to that.

— John Prescott

#agencies #areas #deficiencies #development #economy

In the north east, there, they have had quite a bit of government offices moving in. It's not a new policy.

— John Prescott

#east #government #government offices #had #moving

It's moving in the right direction. It was in decline under the previous administration.

— John Prescott

#decline #direction #moving #previous #previous administration

Perhaps they thought I was on a fact-finding mission, never for one moment thinking that a man of my age and build could be suffering from bulimia nervosa, but that's what the consultant said I had.

— John Prescott

#build #bulimia #consultant #could #had

All I could feel was this warm liquid running down my neck. You automatically think it's blood, it's all in split seconds, so I decided to say I didn't agree with him.

— John Prescott

#automatically #blood #could #decided #down

About John Prescott

John Prescott Quotes

Did you know about John Prescott?

He attended Brinsworth Primary School (known then as Brinsworth Manor School) where in 1949 he sat but failed the 11-plus examination to attend Rotherham Grammar School. It has been argued that renovating properties rather than demolishing them would have made better financial and community sense. Rail regulation
Prescott had a stormy relationship with the privatisation of the railway industry.

John Leslie Prescott Baron Prescott (born 31 May 1938) is a British politician who was the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007. In the 1994 leadership election he stood for both Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party winning election to the latter office. Prescott stood as the Labour candidate in the election to be the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside Police but lost to Conservative Matthew Grove.

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