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Esteem Confessions

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I met a girl on the bus
We started talking and it gone well
I asked her number and she said we only friend
After 10 minute of ignoring her she started to kiss me
I was attracted to her
Then my sister met her and told me that the girl is ugly af
Then i started to notice that she was realy bad looking but i didn't noticed that at first
She wanted sex but i refused

To summer up
I get nervous around girls and i don't think i have a chance with cute girls
Any advices (preferably from females)
Thank uuu
So that

#love   #sex  

i feel like i’m just not a good person. that i could always do things better, that i create trouble and hurt people instead of being the ones to remove their troubles away. i always think i’m helping people and that they must think i’m nice but in reality i’m probably have little value in their life and don’t even contribute that much. i don’t know why i have such low view of myself, but now i do even more because i realize i made a lot of mistakes. im so mediocre.

#sad   #shame  

Whenever my SO talk about all his past relationships, he always describe them as pretty, cute or sexy. Didn't bother me at first because it might be just one or two of the exes. But so far, he calls "all" his exes that. It's starting to bother me and ruining my confidence, he has not called me any of it. On top of that, I had never met his friends wherein, his ex of just short period of time had. He had told me that if I'm going to meet his friends, I have to look pretty. I'm not a model type but I am not ugly either. I know how to dress, I can carry myself, I know how to use cosmetics and I like my slim petite body :'(

#love   #ex  

I have been in a 3 year relationship with a guy who has cheated on me 2 times during the first year of our relationship. When caught the first time, he swore he wouldn't again and I believed him. Two months later, I found out he was cheating on me yet again. He convinced me to stay with him and I tried my best to get over it. I truly believe that he has changed and would never cheat on me again, but I still resent him so much. I've never had great self esteem or confidence in myself as a woman, so him cheating really destroyed me. I know I am a physically attractive girl so the thought that goes through my head is "it must be my personality" and that hurts me so much more. This has caused me to become extremely depressed and suicidal at times.

Recently, I have been fighting the urge to cheat just so he knows how it feels. I know that is extremely spiteful, but I want him to know the damage he has done to my confidence. I don't want to cheat out of a desire for sex like he did, I just want him hurt. I'm sure I won't end up cheating because I am a good person, but the thought of him experiencing the same pain he inflicted is tempting.

#cheating   #boyfriend   #girlfriend   #betrayal   #relationship  

There's a boy in my secondary school who is absolutely gorgeous, with green eyes and brown hair. I've been obsessed with him for over a year. I feel embarrassed to tell anyone, even my two best friends, because I'm a black female with short hair and a wide nose, and I'm quite chubby, so why would a boy like him go for a girl like me? Even worse, there is chemistry between him and my curvy Asian friend, who has long silky black hair and is gorgeous. No matter how much I try to beautify myself, I still look like a big ugly lump.

I masturbate, I didn't know it was a sin until I watched this movie, yes God yes,I am scared I don't know what to do.

#i   #masturbate   #depression   #anxiety   #disrespectful   #jealous   #low   #self   #esteem   #anger  

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