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Kirstie Alley

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I developed a nutty attitude where I'd think, If some guy really loves me he doesn't care if I'm fat. I'd come up with all these stupid reasons why it would be OK to be fat.

— Kirstie Alley

#care #come #developed #fat #guy

When push comes to shove, it ain't the science that's going to lift you up-it's the belief, the spiritual side of life, that's going to lift you up, no matter what religion you are.

— Kirstie Alley

#comes #going #life #lift #matter

I binge when I'm happy. When everything is going really well, every day is like I'm at a birthday party.

— Kirstie Alley

#binge #birthday party #day #every #every day

I sort of feel sorry for the next man who gets me. I may just kill him with passion. He'd better be strong and have a good heart!

— Kirstie Alley

#better #feel #gets #good #good heart

I don't believe you have to have eating disorders and mental illness to screw up.

— Kirstie Alley

#disorders #eating #i #illness #mental

I don't like psychiatry. I don't believe it works. I believe psychiatrists are neurotic or psychotic, for the most part.

— Kirstie Alley

#i #i believe #like #most #neurotic

I am the one who got myself fat, who did all the eating. So I had to take full responsibility for it.

— Kirstie Alley

#did #eating #fat #full #got

I believe that behind both the person who weighs 400 pounds and the one who weighs 85 there is a lot of baggage, and it has nothing to do with their bodies.

— Kirstie Alley

#behind #believe #bodies #both #i

I'm happy when I'm juggling, but I feel like I've gone from, like, 3 balls to 10 bowling balls. But, that's a good problem. I don't really have a complaint about that.

— Kirstie Alley

#balls #bowling #complaint #feel #gone

You'll never be disappointed if you always keep an eye on uncharted territory, where you'll be challenged and growing and having fun.

— Kirstie Alley

#challenged #disappointed #eye #fun #growing

About Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley Quotes

Did you know about Kirstie Alley?

She is also known for her role in the thriller Shoot to Kill and the Look Who's Talking film series as Mollie Ubriacco. She was partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. In 2007 Alley gave $5 million to the Church of Scientology.

She is also known for her role in the thriller Shoot to Kill and the Look Who's Talking film series as Mollie Ubriacco. Kirstie Louise Alley (born January 12 1951) is an American actress and comedian known for her role in the TV series Cheers in which Kirstie Alley played Rebecca Howe from 1987–1993 winning an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award as the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1991.

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