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Nigel Farage

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If I was a Greek citizen I'd be out there trying to bring down this monstrosity that has been put upon those people.

— Nigel Farage

#bring #citizen #down #greek #i

It's about mass immigration at a time when 21% of young people can't find work. It's about giving £50 million a day to the EU when the public finances are under great strain.

— Nigel Farage

#day #eu #finances #find #giving

Before, Europe was about treaties, laws and our sovereign right to govern ourselves. Now, it's about everyday lives.

— Nigel Farage

#before #europe #everyday #everyday lives #govern

British chancellor is telling the rest of Europe it must abandon democracy. It's appalling.

— Nigel Farage

#appalling #british #chancellor #democracy #europe

But there's certainly only one thing I could never agree with George Galloway on. He's a teetotaller and wants to close all the bars in the House of Commons. That is just not on.

— Nigel Farage

#bars #certainly #close #commons #could

Having established that good ideas do indeed come in from the cold, start on the fringes and become mainstream, can we make any predictions about what the next move will be?

— Nigel Farage

#any #become #cold #come #established

I believe I can lead this party from the front as a campaigning organization.

— Nigel Farage

#campaigning #front #i #i believe #i can

I have become increasingly used to the Tory party mimicking our policies and phrases in a desperate effort to pretend to their members they are still Eurosceptic.

— Nigel Farage

#desperate #effort #i #increasingly #members

I have been unsure, from the start, what the Occupy movement was all about, although I did suspect that it was just fatuous, anti-enterprise, left-wingery.

— Nigel Farage

#although #been #did #i #just

Greece isn't a democracy now it's run through a troika - three foreign officials that fly into Athens airport and tell the Greeks what they can and can't do.

— Nigel Farage

#athens #democracy #fly #foreign #greece

About Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Quotes

Did you know about Nigel Farage?

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek said after his meeting with Farage:

I defend absolutely Mr Farage's right to disagree about the policy or institutions of the Union but not to personally insult our guests in the European Parliament or the country from which they may come. Although Spain and Italy have both had indirect assistance from the ECB whereby secondary government bonds are bought by the central bank they are prohibited from purchasing new bonds. Challenging Farage's viewpoint Neil conceded that UKIP aspired to come top of the European elections but whilst UKIP wanted to join the big time they were still seen as "unprofessional amateur and even unacceptable" after the Party's press officer called Baroness Warsi "a bitch".

Farage was a founding member of UKIP having left the Conservative Party in 1992 after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. The two-seated PZL-104 Wilga 35A had been towing a pro-UKIP banner when it flipped over and craNigel Faraged shortly after takeoff. In the same list publiNigel Faraged in 2012 Farage was ranked 17th.

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