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Hit Confessions

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I have a really nasty habit of smelling my dirty toilet paper after I use it to wipe my ass after I sit. I do it every time and i don't know why. I guess I just like the smell of shitty toilet paper

#shit   #ass   #disgust  

my Roommates watch me masturbate.
Well I’m not certain. But I’ll head these two females sneak up to my door. It has a large crack I’m not allowed to fix. They will quietly stand out there in hall near my door. So perv. I’m an old man. They are college aged and very attractive with large breasts. I think they want me, but I’ve got a lady friend my own age.
If you date young women who drink; smoke; constantly party; cuss like a sailor; gossip; and complain endlessly, you’ll get a short passionate relationship followed by endless drama. I did all of that in college. Leave me out of it.
I do wish they’d wear cloths. College aged women these days are more aggressive and assertive than I was there age. Always nude. Shaved vaginas. Setting spread eagle like a man.
They just stroll in my room. Plop down and start talking. Especially if drunk. I feel like I live on the stage of a strip club.
Then there’s the one I keep catching masturbating. Can’t you do that in your room? Well they share rooms. But are alone at times. I don’t want to see that stuff. It’s like I have my own live porn show.
Well at least they like me. But I’m not an exhibitionist.

#perv   #nude   #nudity   #exhition   #exhibitionists   #vagina   #breasts  

My drunk assed sister lost her keys. Can’t lock her house. Can’t start her cars. She has one copy of everything. That’s because she always loses the rest. Because she’s always drunk.
So she asks for my help. Where could they be? Let’s see. To save you listening to it all. She was in the woods for who knows why. At a bunch of stores. Wants everyone to go look. She thinks she lost them where she shit.
There you go. What bathroom did you use. She shit her pants and just kept going. Can’t remember where.
God has a sense of humor. I did charitable work. He gives me a bad disease. She shits all over everyone for her whole life. Never helps anyone. Drunk dope head. Yet she’s still healthy. Flipping people off. Smoking. No mask during Covid. Shitting her pants in a store. Can’t tell you which store.
If you shit your pants so often you can’t remember where you shit your pants.
No. She has no disabilities or health problems. She has excellent health. She’s smart. She just likes to party.
Amazing she ended up with more than me in life.
God has a sense of humor.
Hey kid. You will spend your whole life doing good. I’ll give you a disease.
Your drunk assed sister whose kids you raised. I’ll bless her with excellent health.
Oh I don’t wish her bad health. Even though she screwed me over forever. It just makes you wonder if God’s up in Heaven drunk and smoking a doobie.
Hey God, why do I have the disease? I don’t know man. I’m drunk off my ass. Got any chips.

#shit   #pants   #drunk  

Because I have some kind of suppressed anger or something, I hurt my boyfriend VERY often. I don't know how it happens but I often say something that really hurts him or I hit him unintentionally.
Some time ago, I thought about leaving him for another man but I thought we handled it and that we were happy but I notice now that there's still some anger in me I can't control. Very strange.

#suppressed   #anger   #boyfriend   #hurt   #hit   #strange   #confess  

I shit my pants today while I was waiting in a traffic jam.

#shit   #confession   #pants  

I have this deeply ingrained impulse to steal things which people leave lying around. Usually it's only worthless shit but I need to have them. My apartment is full with this shit already. But I just love the look on the face of people when they noticed they can't find the fork they just used or the pen they just put on the table.
I have a big collection of all things. Some are categorized in who they belonged to, others in they usefulness.

For example, I steal a lot of things from my colleague who I share a desk at work with. I already have 13 spoons, 3 bowls, 27 bobby pins, 2 mugs, 4 bubble gums (already chewed), some stray hair, 5 deodorant, 1 pumpkin (was decoration for her desk), 46 pencils and one jacket in my possession.

I like to just touch the stuff and imagine what the other person might have used it for.
It's weird I know. I love it.

#weird   #stealing   #stuff   #shit   #confession   #sin   #colleague   #pens   #decoration   #love  

I stalk some strange girl on facebook. Currently I'm living in Germany but I'm from Wales. She's a German girl and one of the stupid ones. I could watch her profile on Facebook all day long because she's posting such bullshits, it's quite funny.
I sent her a friend request, she accepted it and now I can stalk her all day long.

#facebook   #stalking   #friend   #request   #bullshit  

I share a flat with this dude and we get along quite well but we also have to share the bathroom and he always takes ages in there. We have to get up at the same time in the morning that can be tricky sometimes.
One night after a crazy night out partying I woke up hungover as hell but I noticed that I really needed to take a shit. Off to the bathroom I went only to see my flatmate closing the doof in my face. I thought I could hold it so I went back to my bed to wait it out. Oh boy. 20 minutes later and I could still hear the water running and it was getting critical. I really needed to take a dump.
After much debating I took my trash can and made my business in there. And oh lord that smell. You cannot believe what 20 beers and a late night pizza can do to your stomach! Disgusting.
After I done the deed I took the garbage bag (thank god there was one in there) and went out the back and threw it over the fence. I think it landed in our neighbours garden.
I am really sorry for whoever found that stinkbomb!!!!!

#dude   #flatmate   #sharing   #bathroom   #shit   #dump  

It's my best friend's birthday today. And since we are little (she's 30 as of today), we used to wish each other happy birthday at exactly 12pm midnight. If we couldn't be with each other we skyped, talked on the phone or texted.
This year, I totally forgot. I talked to her on the phone yesterday, we also talked about her birthday and I still couldn't remember it!!!
I don't know if she's sad or something. I texted her as soon as I realized and she replied normally.
Uff, what a faux pas!!

#birthday   #midnight   #happy   #song   #fauxpas   #shit   #friend   #bff  

The most difficult thing for me has always been constipation. Ever since I was little, I had a hard time going to the bathroom to poop and would spend a solid half hour or more trying to push it out.

Pooping is one of the things that I have always feared doing because it was painful every time I tried. There have been occasions when I was so constipated that when I finally did poop, there was blood. Not every time but sometimes.

When I needed to poop, I would bite down on something such as a towel, book, etc. in order to avoid screaming and alarming everyone in the house. Since it was related to poop, I usually did everything I could to conceal the fact that I was having such problems since I did not want to explain to my mother that I have had problems shitting for years.

My mother eventually took notice and was concerned. It was not until I was trying to poop one day that my mother came in the bathroom and saw me squatting over the toilet. After I finished shitting, my mom and I had a long discussion about how long this had been going on for and why I hadn't told anyone so we could have the issue resolved. My response to her question was "I was embarrassed," so my mom began researching and making remedies to soften up my shit.

Despite trying various home remedies, including prune juice and castor oil, she ended up seeing a doctor who prescribed laxatives for me. There is no doubt that those things worked. To this day I still have constipation issues, but overall, I've gotten much better without using laxatives.

Since I've gotten older, I've realized that people have natural issues with constipation and I'm not the only one in the world who has them. I used to be so ashamed to tell people about it in situations where there was no other choice.

To anyone facing the same situation, here is some advice. It is very important to speak up about your constipation so you can get the medical help you need. Constipation can lead to other serious health issues, so don't feel ashamed about talking about it.

Regardless of how annoying it might be, everyone shits, so if they judge you because you have shitting issues, may they one day experience constipation to better understand how you feel.

Thanks for reading
P.S. If you experience constipation, learn from my mistakes and best of luck on your journey

#embarrasing   #shittyadventures   #toilet   #tissue   #poop   #constipation  

My fetish is eating poop I love it

I am male and 20 years old and it drives me crazy when someone says that one is not allowed to hit women. I don't agree! If they want to be treated like us men then they should face the consequences. If there's a woman who punches me first, I hit back! It's just as easy as that.

#hate   #woman   #punch   #fight   #hit   #men  

when I came out to my mom as bi she simply said “you’re just confused, you better not tell anyone that you’re bi bc you’re not.” Sad thing is that my friends were a lot more supportive than my own mother. A few weeks after that happened she took me to the doctor and made up lies which they ended up prescribing me antidepressants. After that happened my mom saw my cuts on my wrist and didn’t bother ask if I needed help or if I was feeling okay, she just stared and walked away.

#justgoingthroughit   #comingout   #bisexual  

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year now. He's incredibly intelligent and funny, decent looks and is just so sweet and caring to me. He wants to date when he goes off to college but I don't want to and secretly, can't wait to end it with him since I get so bored. I get bored with all my relationships and can't seem to figure out how I can stop it. It actually makes me feel like shit since he does so much for me.

#lust   #love  

To Confession 737:
I agree! Women should be allowed to be hit, too. I don't get it why we should treat them different in this situation. They want equality, so let them have equality.

#confession   #woman   #hit   #equality  

Sometimes when I'm home alone, I take my pants off, pee into a cup, and drink it.

I love the idea of a man turning me into his toilet and forcibly filling me with piss and shit in every hole. I want him to piss and cum in my ass, then plug it up so it can't get out. I want him to tie me to the wall, fart and shit on my face, and make me smell him.

I want to be forced to smell and taste his feet and armpits, his ass and balls, while he abuses me and treats me like a pig.

#fetish   #urination   #piss   #pee   #drink   #scat   #poop   #shit   #bdsm  

So I am a young female, I have multiple sex partners I can contact for sex any time. And I have this partner with a scat/fart/anal fetish, I don't hate anal, so I do it with him. But he always goes rough, trying to make me shit. I always fart after and during anal, (when he cums, he cums ALOT) so I always fart cum, and he likes it. One day I was really gassy, and kind of sick. He called me, and said he wanted to fuck. I said sure, and he came over. We did anal multiple times, (he came over 7 times). And I was farting so much during and after, and then I exploded. I shit everywhere, and I kept doing it, and he liked it and put his cock right back in me and started thrusting so hard and he kept doing it and he came, while he was really deep inside me. I was still shitting and farting, he was really enjoying it, he came 3 more times. He told me to shit in his mouth, so I did, and he stayed over most of the day. (I was sick all day). We did anal every time I started to shit. Btw he isn't average, he IS HUGE, so you could image how much pressure was put on my anus during that day. The next day, I went over his place, we had sex, then we were driving to my place, we pulled over to have anal in the car. And I farted a lot after, cum was pouring out of my anus. And then I farted really loud, and we stopped and began driving again. Then while driving, I farted again, and I actually shit myself, and he pulled over, made me take of my panties, and fucked me in my anus so hard that it started to hurt, i told him to stop. Air was filling my anus and he came multiple times, and he pulled out, causing me to shit uncontrollably again. He apologized, and he dropped me off at my place, I'm traumatized.

#anal   #shit   #traumatized  

I'm a middle aged black guy, father of five sons, but about two years ago I met a white guy on Craigslist. We exchanged a few emails, and agreed for me too meet him at his workplace. He worked nights, alone. I met him there and went into a dimly lit room, where he dropped his pants and briefs, and out popped a huge white cock. He sat in a chair, I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. I never dreamed I would suck another man's cock, but there I was, stroking and sucking a big, white cock. It filled my mouth completely!

I can't shit with my shirt on. It makes me feel trapped. Im a girl though

#confused   #shit   #girl  

(m/18) It's really embarrassing for me to tell you this. When I was in 8th grade, I pooped in my pants. I was in school that day, just before class started; couldn't make it to the toilet and all of the brown glory landed in my pants and underwear. It stank horrible and I tried to get rid of all the shit on my ass and in my pants, but somehow I just thought 'fuck it' and went with it. I think it didn't take more than 2 minutes for the others to notice the smell. It was just HORRIBLE. Every time they tried to find out where the stench came from I tried distracting them and stuff. But in 3rd period the worst thing happened. I went up to the board and because I was sitting on my ass the whole time, the shit got through my pants and there was one hell of a stain on my ass.Throughout school I was known as shitter from then on. It made my life miserable. I want to confess that I am one lazy bastard and had I just cleaned myself up that day I wouldn't have to go through hell.

#confessions   #shit   #pants   #embarrassing  

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