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3 days ago, I came home from work, it was already really late, to find my wife crying in our bedroom.
After sobbing, crying and screaming she confessed to me that she doesn't know who of our twin daughters is who.
She accidentally mixed them up and can't tell them apart now.
I got to their room, convincing my crying wife that I can tell her who is who. So, in their room, we stood beneath their cribs and my heart skipped a beat, I neither couldn't tell who was Amy and who was Leyla.
I lied to her and said the left one is Amy. I'm not sure. It could be that who I said was Amy, is in truth Leyla...
What should I do? Should I tell my wife? Or should I keep quiet?

#twins   #daughter   #confession   #horrible   #convince  

I'm a 33 yo straight female married faithfuly for 1o years. I confess and share my story and fantasies to you. I love sex and cannot get enough. My husband is good but I masturbate every chance I get. I have never interested or touched another girl. I don't understand why but the past few years my go to masturbation secret fantasy is sex with another girl, preferably much younger with a hard body. And now that I have a new smoking hot 21 yo neighbor that I cannot take my mind off of getting intimate with her. So I am chatting with her when her husband calmly approaches, introduces himself as he strokes her firm ass and winks at me. All at the same time. I wet my pants and felt a quiver run through my body. So hot and I wanted so much to let it be known. I need a threesome with my neighbors; now. I am past being curious. My hormones and brain are out of control and I don't know what's happening. Wet and horny.

#lesbian   #threesome   #masturbate   #sex   #wink   #wet   #horny   #straight   #curious  

My sister's pregnant and expecting twins. Twin girls to be exact. She was always kinda weird and that also reflects now on her name choice.. I won't tell them here now otherwise she might find out, but there are HORRENDOUS! Really.
Like a mix of different names. Terrible.
Anyway...... She wants me to be their godmother. I declined because I am really embarrassed of her for giving her baby girls those names and I want nothing to do with that.
Now, she does not talk to me anymore. Why can't she name their kids normal and common names like Lily or Mary???

#names   #sister   #twins   #embarrassing   #terrible   #firstname   #weird   #why  

I met a weird couple at this bar in Arizona. I was visiting some family, and had a night out alone to just explore the town and get some drinks. Dude walks up to me and asked if I have ever been with a married girl before. I laughed and said no but if she’s hot enough why not. He took that to serious and asked if I’d have sex with his wife in front of him for 200 dollars. I thought he was kissing. But he wasn’t. His wife was near and he told me I could fuck her raw because she’s on the pill. She wasn’t bad looking either, just thick, even had a big booty. He told me if he could just watch from the corner it would make his year. I couldn’t believe this was happening it felt like a porn. He told me if I made her cum he’d pay extra. I told him I couldn’t because it’s just weird. He showed me pictures of her boobs and ass, then write his number down for me. He said they are free every Thursday and Friday. I don’t mind fucking a girl especially with a big butt, but for it to be a married girl I front of her husband. Super weird. But 200 bucks. I thought about it and still have his number. But I feel weird about it. I haven’t told my family obviously. So any input would be nice. I’m here for 3 weeks so I guess I’ve got time to think lol

#sex   #swinger   #cuck   #should   #i   #do   #it  

Self fellatio is possible for many men and if you can get there you can eliminate the drama of a woman. There are two paths to success. A big dick is the best way to success. Many porn stars can just bend over from the waist and start sucking.

Unfortunately, not me. If you get naked on a firm bed or a soft floor you can roll backwards placing most of your weight on your upper back and letting your legs dangle over your head. There are self fellatio websites showing the technique if you are having trouble visualing. I could do this reasonably well in my twenties but the older I got the less this was an option. Sucking until you cum is the plan and I had no trouble cumming in my own mouth. I had already tried similar positioning and jerking off onto my face or if I was accurate into my mouth. Yes I am a perv and not embarrassed to be one. Cum isn't disgusting--remember you tried to talk your girlfriend into swallowing didn't you.

I admit to the occasional swapping of brojobs with friends. Never without reciprocation mind you. I'm not a fag or some man's bitch. I've got standards. And I did get married eventually. Someone has to cook and clean. And women are good for sex when you can talk them into it.

#brojobs   #cumming   #swallowing  

I had a very conservative upbringing and lost my virginity to my husband (only one prior boyfriend), my husband taught me everything about sex

Early on in our marriage hubby persuaded me to try swinging and I came to enjoy it immensely, we started out with some soft swinging, kissing and oral and eventually full swap. We went to a sex club with another couple and I had a incredible time being fucked by 4 different guys in one night (first time with multiple men in one night). We regularly attended sex clubs/parties for a couple of years.

Fifteen years later, I now cuckold my husband with several different men and women, 3 regular FWB (or bulls) and regular one night stands, I have a profile on most of the dating websites/apps. Typically I have sex 3 or 4 times a week but hubby is only permitted sex 3 or 4 times a year, he is also now kept in full time chastity. I have become very dominant in our marriage and very slutty outside of it.

We have a very happy marriage and I have a very satisfying sex life.

#slut   #wife   #swinging   #cuckold   #chastity  

I have to confess that during new year festivities, at a friends house, all the women there started to get drunk quite early, us the guys, were enjoying some wiskeys and cigars on the back porch. As we returned to the hoyse we notice how the women were feeling pretty darn good and a little bit flirty. Right after 2 am most of the husbands and boyfriends started to leave since they live relatively close and left the wives and girlfriends behind. At the end it was just me and my friend with a bunch of horny drunk women.
My friend and I decided to see how far we could take advantage of the situation, so we started with our own wifes at first, then one of the other girls started a sexual conversation that turned into a truth or dare game. First we made them touch each other and then kiss each other until my own wife dare me to kiss one of the other girls. At first the girl wouldnt go for it but the alcohol took over and we kissed very passionately.
Another girl was dare to be topless and soon they were all topless licking each other nipples. I dare my friend to eat his wife's pussy in front of all of us, his wife didnt hesitated and got completly naked, such a beautyful body for me to enjoy. Two of the girls started to masturbate and my wife started to give me and hand job. I dont remember how we all ended up in the living room floor having sex, it turned into a no holds bar orgy, 5 girls and just 2 guys, before we knew it the some had come up and i had fucked every girl in the house including my friends wife while he fucked mine too. The other girls were amazing, and to see my wife getting fuck by amother man while making out with a girl turned me on so much, and to be next to her fucking another women while she watch and gets fucked has made us realized that we loved it. After everything was over, the other girls left after a quick shower and my friends and us headed fir bed, after having sex with other women and my wife getting fucked by another man in front of me i was more than ready to fuck my wife before going to sleep, and i was the best sex we ever had. Now our friends and us visit each other more often and we swap wifes. They are comming over this weekend and i cant hardly wait!

#lust   #sex   #swing  

Lately whenever I watch ameteur videos about cuckolding, or MFM wife sharing, it really turns me on thinking about another man having his way with my wife. All sorts of scenarios run through my head and it makes me hard. Him fucking her while she sucks me, or vice versa. He and I swapping our dicks in her pussy every 30 seconds or so. Her sucking us both at the same time until we both cum in her mouth. Don't get me wrong, using her is not my motivation. She enjoys everything I've mentioned very much, just only with me. So I think if she could get past the "social factor" of accepting it, she would really enjoy herself. She cums easily and in multiples, so it would double her pleasure, at least. The other option would be FMF because she's expressed to me over the years her curiousity about licking a pussy, because she knows how good it feels and she would like to give that to another woman. Her reference was "I wish I could do that to myself, or another woman". But I think the jealousy factor would get in her way, unless my position was, I wouldn't touch the other woman. Which I could do, just sit back and stroke, enjoying the show. Now my only obsticle is how do get the idea in her head so she will come around to it.

#3some   #threesome   #cuckold   #swinging  

I have liked this boy for forever and sometimes I have dreams about him coming into my room and fucking me until I cum. I like him so much that I might blow him so he'll like me back

#crush   #blowing   #sex   #boy  

Back in kindergarten there was this one kid I couldn't stand. His birthday was on the same day as mine so we always had to share our kindergarten birthday party. That annoyed me so much that I once pushed him off the swing. The swing was obviously still moving and hit him hard in the face. It broke his jaw.

When I now think about it I feel very sorry for all the pain I put him through just because his birthday was on the same day as mine.

#kindergarten   #birthday   #party   #jaw   #swing   #hate   #sorry  

My wife and I went to the Bahamas last summer and met a nice couple there. We're both in our late twenties. I'm a decent looking guy, played college baseball, and my wife is a slim, pretty brunette who was a cheerleader. We met at college and got married right after we graduated. We both work out and take pretty good care of ourselves. The couple we met, Marco and Maria, were a really nice married couple in their mid thirties and both, especially Maria, were really,really good looking people.
We basically buddied up and spent the whole week together sightseeing, dining, hitting the water,etc. and had a great time.
We were kind of overjoyed to find out that they actually lived in the neighboring town to ours and, like ourselves, had no kids. Marco was born in Peru and Maria was born in Venezuela. Maria looked like one of those Miss Universe contestants. I mean just flippin' gorgeous from head to toe and immaculately groomed.
We became great friends and started going out to dinner every Friday night, went to some local events and concerts together.
Then one day at the gym, in the sauna, Marco remarked to me that he and Maria had tried swinging before. He said my wife was beautiful and that Maria thought really highly of me. I knew that my wife had given Marco some looks before, checking him out, because he's like male model good looking, well built and I understand she's only human just like I was and I'd given Maria quite a few glances discretely myself.
He said they'd done it three or four times and it had really spiced up their marriage. I told him I'd mention it to Kelly, my wife, but I wasn't sure she'd go for it. I'd never done anything like that before and Kelly's a preachers daughter.
Kelly laughed when I mentioned it, said she was so flattered, but told me she didn't think she could "do that" unless she was really drunk and laughed. But she said she'd consider it. That weekend we were at another friends house for a party, about a dozen or so of us, and I noticed at one point that Kelly was really giving Marco a look over while he chatted with a few friends of ours. He was oblivious to it at that time.
In the car, Kelly softly said to me "Ok. I'll try it but I'm gonna be so nervous. Are you sure?"
I responded "I'll be nervous too. I've never done anything like that before but,you know, you only live once. If either of us doesn't like it we just tell them it's not for us."
Of course, I wanted to fuck Maria so badly at that point, being so close, that I'd have said anything to convince Kelly.
The next day I called Marco and told him it was a go. He said Maria would set it up and call Kelly after I told him how nervous she was. Hell, I'd never cheated on Kelly and never would, so I was just as nervous that I might not be able to perform with her in the room.
That Saturday night we went over their home and had a nice dinner and a glass of wine or two by their pool. Then we went into their guest room, a rather large room, where two beds were side by side.
"I'm so nervous!" Kelly blurted out and Marco took her hands and kissed her softly on her lips.
Kelly looked at me after the kiss and I nodded my head that it was ok. Kelly smiled nervously and began to exchange several kisses with Marco. Maria smiled and sat down on my lap, as I sat on the edge of the bed, and we began kissing.
After several moments I heard a sigh, followed by a long and loud moan, and looked over to see Marco kneeling at the foot of the bed.
Kelly was laying back on the bed, her legs draped over his shoulders, and Marco was apparently giving her the pussy licking of her life because I'd never heard her make sounds like that before.
"Oh my God!!!" Kelly groaned, her hands holding onto Marco hands as his face was buried between her thighs. I saw my wife's eyes roll back in her head and she let out another loud moaning sound, her head turning from side to side, As Maria started sucking my cock as I laid back on the bed.
"Don't pay no attention to them" Maria whispered, laughing, but I was unable to look away watching him go down on my wife. I was so distracted by Kelly's groans and moans that I was forgetting that maybe the most beautiful woman I'd ever be with was on her knees sucking my cock.
"What do you want? What do you want?" Marco demanded of my wife, his voice somewhat authoritative now, and Kelly sat up.
"I want to fuck" Kelly replied, looking up at him.
"I want you" she repeated and I suddenly felt afraid.
"Suck my cock" Marco instructed her and, as Maria climbed atop of me kissing at my neck as she reached down for my cock, and Kelly unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers and briefs down.
"Oh my God" Kelly said softly, stroking his nearly ten inch cock, and she wrapped her lips around the head of it.
"I waited a year to fuck you and it's gonna be worth every minute of waiting" Marco said to her and, to my disbelief, Kelly looked up at him, kissed his cock, and replied "I wanted that too" and resumed sucking it.
This wasn't what I'd envisioned it being.
"You want it?" Marco asked.
"Oooh yeah I do!" Kelly said softly, in reply, no longer even bothering to look in my direction.
Maria was riding me at this point and I held her ass as she rocked to and fro but I was unable to turn my eyes away from them.
"Oh my God yeah!!!It's so big!!!" Kelly blurted out loudly, as Marco entered her on the bed from behind. He held onto her hips firmly and she looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled.
"You wanna fuck this cock?" Marco asked slowly thrusting into her.
"Uh-huh!Yes!" Kelly answered ,her butt propped up and her head resting on her arms.
"Then fuck it" Marco instructed, and I watched as my wife began to rock herself back and forth on his shaft, moaning and groaning loudly as he patted her ass a few times.
Then he put his right hand on her left ass cheek and turned to look at me.
"Oh she's got a tight pussy!" he said, laughing, and Kelly just continued banging herself on his cock. My wife was intensely into it and I was so distracted that I think Maria was at the point of not caring but she whispered "It's ok. I know most men can react like that. They don't like to see their wife do that." and she forced her mouth on mine. But I was obsessed with watching them at that point so I positioned Maria so that I could continue to fuck her but watch them.
"Oh yeah fuck me! Come on fuck me!" Kelly groaned loudly, she had clearly orgasmed a few times already in just 30 minutes and I was thinking this would be the last time.
"Come on" Marco said, pulling his cock out and laying down on the bed. Kelly grasped it and began sucking it again as he laid there and she looked right into his eyes as she sucked it.
" want that? you want some more?" Marco asked and Kelly nodded her head.
"I do" Kelly responded and she crawled atop of him, his hands caressing my wife's naked flesh lovingly, and Kelly kissed at his lips in a way that was tender and loving and made me nervous. They spent a few moments exchanging very wet, tender kisses, his hands on her back and hers on his chest, and then Kelly reached down and inserted his cock into herself. She kept kissing at his lips and it seemed far too passionate. I'd thought it would be more physical but they seemed so affectionate and intimate that I suddenly felt threatened.
This guy didn't just have my wife hot for his body, or just for sex, he had her worked up for him as a man it seemed. They were kissing passionately as Kelly rode him.
"I love it!!!" Kelly blurted out as she rode him, looking into his eyes, no longer any concern at all about my presence and she groaned loudly.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me Marco!" Kelly demanded as she bounced atop of him, his hands on her waist as she shook her hips and I came as Maria pulled my cock out.
Maria kissed my cheek and got up off the bed and she left me there to watch my wife ride Marco to her delight. I quickly glanced and Maria was recording them as I laid there watching. I masturbated to it. I admit I was more aroused watching them than I had been fucking a beautiful woman like Maria. I don't know why.
When they finished Kelly smiled, kissed him several times, and they both kind of laughed.
We went home and, as I drove, Kelly softly said "I want to do that again with them." adding " Maybe every weekend." as she looked out the window.
I replied "Are you sure? I was kind of uncomfortable. Let's think it over for a while" and as I was about to continue on Kelly cut me off.
"I'm doing it again with them" and she just kind of smiled contentedly as she looked out the window.

#swinging   #sex   #brunette   #venezuela   #peru   #blowjob  

My wife is a wh*re. She cheated on me for several years. We’re in our 40s so maybe almost 2 decades. It’s hard to say. I gave up. She assumed I condoned or let her sleep around with 2 lovers of hers when I couldn’t satisfy her. I actually blamed myself because we became swingers because I wanted to sleep with a blonde woman that swung. I also stupidly thought it would make our sex lives better. It did for her.

My wife is more attractive than me. This is usually the case with most couples. I will only admit that here as I’m a fraud of a person. When people see the real me, I become more Republican than I actually am. We hide and hide often. That is slang for being full of crap. I am one being why I likely hide and pretend I’m all that when people that pay attention would know outside of having a great butt, I’m nothing.

We became swingers and were quite successful I believe that because my wife was and is gorgeous. She’s not as gorgeous as she was in her 20s and 30s but she has Lyme disease and stuff popped up. She also hides behind the bottle a log and is now a drunk, so she’s lost a few steps.

I still love her anyway but I wonder if she doesn’t cheat now because she thinks nobody would have her. Maybe that’s a good thing but I can tell she’s profoundly unhappy. After we had a few couples all those years ago, she started cheating. It was with a guy she had sex with when I had sex with his wife at the swingers club.

They hit it off more than I did with his wife. He was a built stud with long hair and I’ll admit if I was a woman I’d have killed to have his body and attitude. Face not so much but he knew how ti pleasure a woman and had a body most would kill for despite being much older than us.

I thought he and I were friends but that I believe was a facade and obvious lie so he could easily have access to f**k my wife. I didn’t know about it for years because it happened while I was working. Of course. Little hoe she said was.

I eventually suspected something was up because there was a sock that didn’t match anything I’ve ever worn near the side of our bed. I went to a shop that specialized in spying equipment and set up a dinky camera near our dresser. I put more all around the house because the investment made sense. In many ways I wish I hadn’t. They had sex in every room and in every which way.

He satisfied her better than I ever did and he did things I never did because I sucked at them. I guess for some of us it’s embarrassing to have our wives teach us because there are men out there that already knew. He sure as hell did much like another friend of hers I caught her with when he briefly visited us in the guise of a weekend trip before seeing his family. It was for her. Only her. Of course it was.

She stopped seeing my ex friend as I now saw him as despite lying to my wife that I still considered him a friend. All those hours of video and audio of them together I wanted to kill him. I almost did. I eventually told her enough of him or I’m done, only to take it back.

Many would likely read this and say why didn’t you dump her. Later, did once and she had other lovers during our time apart. I had one woman but I missed my wife. This was pure hell. At the time our 3 kids were very young and although they unfortunately knew all about the men she slept with even when they were sometimes around, we got back together and she moved back.

Within a week her usual lover was in our bed making love to her. It stopped, then started again so I told her let’s swing again to open up the marriage. She thought this was odd but she was excited. I wonder why. She also cammed as we didn’t have tons of money. This was my bright idea and seemingly showing off my then hot wife. What was I thinking?

Child services found out about it and we got in trouble. My wife did more because she was nude all over the web and my kids saw her. I guess one of them told. She became suicidal over this but like clockwork retreated to her lover again. Eventually, they stopped but she then listed after he real best friend who was better looking than her lover of several years. I left to attempt to clear my head.

This time I slept with several women I kept hidden from my wife because I already know what she was and likely still is. One was one of her best friends and I threw it in her face that the sex with us was incredible. Amazingly, it was and it was often: The problem was she was also sleeping with my wife and my wife fell in love with her.

This woman used both of us because she’s a narcissistic opportunist and another hoe. She stayed with us for about a year sleeping with both of us before finding a would be sugar daddy of some sort. I’ve realized I can’t have anyone that didn’t already have my wife or she’d come after them later. It’s likely still going on despite my wife finally looking average and being beat up from life. Good.

Her sex life is like mine, alive when we’re very horny or high. Sometimes when drunk which is often, she’ll tell me about all her conquests and one of them she always lies about when sober. I know otherwise. I have that on tape too. I slept in the next room while she slept with her best friend. She was in love with him and I found out she wanted to leave me for him but she panicked and went back to her older lover.

I’m a masochist but I love my overly slutty wife. I just do. Why I stay doesn’t say much about me but I love her. The thought of her alone in the world (let’s be honest she’ll never be alone) without me makes me sick. Maybe that’s because I just need her more than she needs me. She says she’s happy but why constantly drink? We try to woods things go as she doesn’t cheat now but only because she works so much and has several disorders. It’s hell but it’s life. I deserve this. It’s my private hell.

#cheating   #wife   #promiscuity   #love   #disgust   #swinging   #lovers   #drunk   #whore   #weak  

Married for 29 years, about a year ago with my approval, my wife started fucking other men. She lets them do it to her multiple times, in any hole. When she returns, dripping and used, with no panties, and cum running down her legs, she strips, tells me all about it and makes me eat her pussy out. I clean the cum from her pussy, sometimes I fuck her first, then clean her as I like sloppy seconds (in some nights it's more like sloppy 8ths, 9ths, or more). Then I lick her clean. Most of the time I lick her clean, and make her cum then when I fuck her she just lays there talking about how great the guy or guys she fucked made her feel. Anymore she won't go to sleep with a load of sperm in her pussy or ass, I have to clean out even mine. She refuses to cum any more from my fucking her, and her pussy is very loose, very used. I'm really liking cleaning her and hearing what she does with other guys. No one even suspects that she would fuck anyone else, much less that I would lick other mens sperm from her pussy. Lately she is making me more and more, jack off instead of fuck her and she lays there talking about her best fucks, while I shoot on her smooth pussy or mostly on her tits and she keeps talking after she orders me to lick it all up.

#creampie   #swing  

I was at a local bar and noticed this insanely hot man across the room. I knew he was probably 5 or so years older than me (F21). I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 months. When he caught me staring he approached me with a smirk on his face. The conversation was flowing and he placed his hand right next to my crotch and said we should take this somewhere more quiet. He brought me back to his place. Right as we got out of the car he kissed me. Hard. My pussy was throbbing for him. We entered the bedroom and he threw me on the bed. He tore my tight black dress off to then see my lacy black bra and thong. He moved down to neck and boobs. I ripped his suit jacket and shirt off. I then saw his hard, incredibly muscular stomach. My pussy was aching for him now, I have never felt so wet. I unzipped his pants. He had a big, hard dick. I sucked him off until he unhooked my bra and underwear. I took off his pants, then he grabbed my by my ass and placed me on top of him. Every bone in my body was aching for him. It felt so good to feel him inside me. He pulled out and cumed all over me. I sucked him off and deep throated him. We started again, I have never had a better orgasm in my life. We met up a few more times, each was better than the last. Then he started asking me to come almost every week. The sex was amazing, even better than amazing. It never turned into anything more than sex, just a no strings attached fling. Which I was fine with. We stopped seeing eachother for a little while, but I saw him for the first time in a couple of months and we did the same mind blowing sex that got my pussy begging for him every time. I have never felt that kind of pleasure before and I can't wait until he comes back into town. My pussy gets wet just thinking about him, I can't wait to give him the best sex of his and my life again.

#sex   #pussy   #dick  

I purposely freeze because I wanna lose weight. I keep my window open no matter if it's day or night. And when my mom asks my if I am cold I lie to her and say no.

#lie   #confession   #freeze   #window   #mom  

I was in a class,when I laughed at a teacher's mistake 🤣

One time I asked someone for a pencil and didn't bring it back.😎

As a kid I always caught flies and other bugs to rip their wings and legs out. After that, I drew "funny" things on them with my window colours.

#flies   #bugs   #wings   #legs   #torture   #draw   #confession  

There is this big window in my room and the neighbours girl can see into my room when its dark and I've got my light on. I know she's watching me change and stuff, so I leave the blinds open and run around naked all the time. I enjoy knowing that she can see all of me

#clothes   #neighbour   #window   #naked  

I threw several slugs through the window of my totally dumb, ugly and neurotic neighbour.
And I'm proud of it!

#slug   #window   #dumb   #ugly   #neighbour  

Pray and roll the dice for #win

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