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At Confessions

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I work for a small family business. Last summer, there was a day where only me and my sister in law were working. She was busy updating a computer system. I went to the toilet, removed my underwear, then went back to my desk which is about 10 feet from her desk. She was so involved in her work, she never noticed or heard that I had pulled out my cock, and started stroking. I never expected to keep going but I ended up cumming all over the floor. It is simply one of the most exciting things I've ever done! I have done it again since then but with more distance between us. I hope to do it again on day even closer.

#masturbation   #exhibitionist  

I can no longer stay focused. I spend so much time alone. My only friend is me. I don’t like me.
But I’m not a quitter. I’ll keep hanging on till this disease kills me.
If your sad. I doubt your life sucked as bad as mine. So hang in there.
I’m sorry I can’t help others the way I wish I could. But keep fighting. I’ll die one day. But not because I quit.

#inspiration   #hope   #love  

I’m dependent on my boyfriend for income and we live together in our house. I love him but I’m so unhappy. I don’t know what to do anymore. I try to just forget how I feel and be positive about everything but it’s so hard to shove all of my feelings to the back of my mind. When I do say how I feel I end up being the bad guy because I get so angry and frustrated or I break down into a sobbing mess. When the ladder happens he apologizes and promises to change but then nothing ever does. It’s not like all of the things he does separately are deal breakers but when you lump it all together it just feels like so much and I can’t can’t handle it. I am so lost and hurting and there’s nothing I can really do about it

#relationships   #struggle   #dependent   #heartbreak   #love   #alone  

I REALLY want to fuck my ex colleague. Shes 8 years older than me, we are both married.. we worked together for 3 years and had a great normal friendship, but after we got retrenched and didnt see each other for a while , I missed her a lot. When I saw her again , I immediately experienced a new feeling towards her, an euphoric feeling which immediately aroused me.. since then I have this intense desire to wrap her legs around me, slide my fat cock in her pussy and fuck her in every position and hole.. I literally fantasize about her pussy creaming on my cock before I cum deep inside her pussy. I dont know if the feeling is mutual so I dont want to act on it and fuck up my life completely. Her name is Tanya, a mother of two blonde kids and she drives a vw.. I just hope you see this and feel the same

#cheating   #sex   #fantasy   #office   #married   #creampie  

Googled "World's smallest penis" a picture of my penis was in the search results...

#sph   #humiliated   #humiliation   #nsfw   #adult   #smallpenis   #tinydick  

I made a 'Your mom's so dumb and fat...' joke to a kid whose mom died.
I feel terrible.

#fat   #dumb   #joke   #dead  

My friend’s fiancé is loud, has an awkward laugh and is clearly in love with him. However she is honestly something of a butterface. As best you’d say she had a pretty plain face but she has a great pair of boobs, and I can’t help but wonder what she’s like in bed. She’s very geeky and has a fairly Christian background but I’ve got this feeling that she actually has a pretty filthy side.

It’s entirely on me but I can’t help imagining what it would be like to be deep inside her and feel her cumming hard on my cock. Tonight we were playing Cards Against Humanity and I kept picking sexual answers to her prompts to hear her ‘talk dirty’ and reference her pussy.

My partner and I have been together for 8 years and though the sex was great we haven’t done anything since Christmas due to medical reasons.

#fantasy   #infidelity   #lust   #sex   #attractive  

So I posted just yesterday, it was confession #2541 which is a MUCH jucier confession, you should really go read it if you can find it. One other thing I wanted to add to that was that since my landlord is a very atractive female and she happens to go to her bedroom and get undressed and do her nightly routine to go to bed at the same time every night, which very conveniently is at the same time I get home from work and have had a chance to change myself, sometimes if I'm really horny I go up to her bedroom window and wait it out for the 5 or 10 minutes it takes her to come into her room and I like to watch her get undressed and have a quick jerk, which usually ends with me jizzing all over the glass on her sliding door just to make orgasm bettet lol but sometimes she's already in bed and I missed my chance and have to just go inside and jerk off and think about it but damn she has an incredible body.

#masturbating   #fetish  

I started drinking my own urine about a year ago; read somewhere that it is healthy to drink one glass of urine once a day; I now drink about 3 to 5 glasses a day.

I noticed it tastes different if I eat something different. When I drink champagne or something fizzx, I can taste it in my pee some hours afterwards.
It is very interesting for me and I feel much healthier than before I did it.

#pee   #urine   #drinking   #eat   #confession  

I have been in love with a man for three years who is ten years older than myself. I am 23; we try to talk via skype or other means weekly, or as much as we can. We have had beautiful experiences in various countries and both travel far to meet one another. He is in love with me too, telling me this and trying to figure out how we can relocate to be together. We each have someone else, so there is another issue with our affair...he is in the marines and will spend two months in a dangerous country beginning April and I am terrified for his make a long story short, I miss him more than anything, and don’t know how to process the idea of his potential death...

#love   #affair   #death   #military   #travel  

I hate my grandma!! I don't know why but I guess I'm the only grandchild who doesn't call her his grandma and who likes the grandmother of his grilfriend more than his own.

#hate   #grandmother   #grandchild  

I'm 22 year old University student and I'm a boy. My problem is i'm always thinking about sex all the time. Even in classroom. I cant stop it. When i'm at home i masturbate alot everytime it pop up in my mind. I donno why. Sometime i even grope on bus or on train. I feel terrible about this but u know i'm enjoying it at the other side. I even sniff and wank with my step sister's underwear. U guys think this is too bad? Should i meet with the psychologist? Please give me some advice and i'm waiting all of your positve comments.

#sex   #group   #masturbate   #obsession   #confession  

Yesterday, I played Monopoly with my girlfriend. I cheated and took more money than I gave her.
Nonetheless, she won. :(

#monopoly   #girlfriend   #cheat   #money   #confession   #game  

My best friend is lesbian she has a girlfriend and I have a bf but last night me and my bestie had sex I felt so guilty but it was so good we are like 13 tho and yk it was really wierd after that I really feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself for doing it with her I hope god can forgive

#lesbian   #sex   #cheating   #sad   #guilty  

A fly landed on a tissue I masturbated into and I was thinking "ha dirty little bastard I hope it doesn't get pregnant". Had a giggle to myself but now the fly keeps flying round the room and landing on me I don't want to kill it ha.

#masturbation   #tissue  

My roomate was bieng a bitch and went into my room even though I locked it and looked around and found my spoons in the trash clamining to be hers so she confronted me about it and making me buy new ones. My confession? I simply took the ones out of the trash and cleaned them and put them into the cabinet.


I am a 51 year old woman who is divorced now, About ten years ago when I was 40 or 41, me and my then husband was separated but, we were trying to get things back together again. We had four children ranging in age from 16 to 7 years of age. Long story short, I had an affair while me and my now ex were trying to get back together. It may not sound so bad except,the guy I had sex with was only 15 years old. He was a friend of my kids. I didn't notice of course but, he had a crush on me. One day he came by when the kids were visiting their dad at his place for the weekend, I was thinking he must have thought they were home with me but, come to find out later that he knew they were gone. When I told him they were gone for the weekend he actually asked if he could come in and ask me about something and I said sure. He was always very personable and talkative. He told me he had a crush on an older girl but didn't know how to approach her and asked me what he should do. I just said tell her that you have feelings for her, although you may get rejected and it doesn't feel good but, get it out in the open and see what happens. That's when he told me I was one he liked and I was floored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I of course told him that nothing could happen between us for obvious reasons, him being a minor the biggest reason. However, something about this young boy was intriguing to me. maybe just the attention that someone so young would be interested in an older woman like me, especially, since 3 of my kids were girls and two were in his age group and my son was his friend. Anyway, he said he understood why something could not happen but, he did want to let me know his feelings. I can not believe I was truly flattered by this. Again, him being a somewhat bold fella, he actually asked me if he could kiss me and of course I said no, that would not be a good idea but, he actually persisted and I reluctantly gave in and let him kiss me. We kissed, and for whatever reason it felt good to me. He asked if we could do it again and, against my better judgment, I said yes and we kissed and we held it. Then that led to fondling each other and then it ultimately led to me taking him by the hand and taking him to my bedroom and having sex. I was so not thinking straight. After we were finished that time I really started panicking and told him he could never tell anyone what just happened and of course he said he would not but, when can you trust a boy so young to keep a secret about having sex with an older woman, especially around the neighborhood. For whatever reason I could not stop thinking about him though as crazy as that sounds. Even when me and my ex were having sex, I would think of this boy. Maybe because it is so taboo is what really turned me on to it. Anyway, 3 weeks had went by and it had not got out and another opportunity presented itself and he asked if we could have sex again,, I guess I felt I could trust him so we had sex again. We had sex maybe 4 more time in the next 2 months before I came to my senses and ended it. When I was going over it in my head, I was thinking all kinds of thoughts, that he might blackmail me by telling people about us or he might even beat me up. But I got the courage to tell him. He was disappointed of course but he understood and was okay with it. I guess he got to live out his dream of fucking an older woman. Me and my ex didn't make it together of course since I refer to him as ex, but as far as I know he or no one else ever found out about my ride on the wild side.

#sex   #pedo   #cheating  

i saw sister in law naked once, while she was getting out of bath and she saw me seeing her naked and ran inside bathroom. i fantasize about it and ejacuulate to it a lot

#naked   #masturbation   #insect  

Because my father is very normal and conventional I like to wear short skirts and tops when I visit him just to annoy him.

#father   #normal   #clothes   #conventional   #short   #skirt   #top  

I am a 20 year old white blonde female. I live in Johannesburg and needed to get to Pretoria for a job interview. The only way to get there was by taxi or train. So I decided to take the minibus taxi. I found out from a black girlfriend that the taxis are at MTN taxi rank in town. I heard sexy stuff like the black men there molest females who wear short mini skirts. It turned me on. I've always had a hot crush on black men and their huge dicks.. I wore a short grey mini skirt, knee length white socks, black high heel shoes, a white shirt with buttons and no bra. My big pink nipples could be seen through the shirt. As I walked into the rank men were staring at me and probably wondering what a white girl was doing there. I was scared but this turned me on. I found out which taxi went to Pretoria and got in. I sat right in the back seat. There was already a black guy about 25 years old sitting there. I sat next to him. He kept staring at me. A short while later another guy got into the taxi and sat next to me. I was squeezed in between the 2 of them. I broke the uncomfortable silence by asking the 2 guys what their names were. They told me they were Thabo and Sipho. We got to talking and I asked them if they had girlfriends. They said no. I asked them if they would consider having a white girl as a girlfriend. Thabo said yes but Sipho said that whites were racist and didn't like blacks. I said that I was not racist and that I would like to have a black boyfriend. By this time the taxi was full and we were driving to Pretoria. All the windows were closed and I was feeling hot. Sipho and Thabo were staring at my white thighs and it turned me on that they found me sexy. My nipples became hard and I could feel spasms flowing through my vagina. I said that it was hot and rolled down my stockings so that Thabo and Sipho could see more of my legs. Then I unbuttoned my shirt all the way to my navel so that they could look at my cleavage and stomach. Then i turned to Sipho and whispered into his ear, "I can prove I am not racist". I licked his ear and he turned towards me. Then I kissed him and stuck my tongue right into his mouth. I moaned with pleasure and when I tried to move back Sipho didn't let me. Thabo began rubbing my thigh and I lifted my skirt around my waist. I shifted a little and lowered my panty so they could see my shaven white pussy. They peeled back my shirt so that my breasts were exposed and started rubbing my nipples. I reached an orgasm and messed the seat. I let them finger me and kiss me all they way to Pretoria. Nobody knows and it's my little secret.

#masturbating   #sex  

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